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Hello everyone! Today, I will tell you why you should choose Animaty as your new entertainment avenue!

For the knowledge of everyone, Animaty is one of the WebTVs introduced by Bitlanders around a month ago. If you took time to read my other blogs, you will see that this is my fourth blog concerning webTVs. This time, it will be about Animaty.

Let me quote the definition of Animaty according to Bitlanders: "On Animaty, watch animated films and series including classic cartoons and independent animations" (Link: http://www.bitlanders.com/blogs/blog-about-web-tvs-and-earn-double-rewards/4039736). It means that in Animaty, you'll get to see a lot of animated films. Maybe you already had an idea even before because it's already from the name itself!

Pictures courtesy of Google.com

So why should you choose Animaty? Here are the reasons that won't make you think twice to do it!:

1. Because it is easy to use! Just look at the picture below. What you can see are just a few buttons and thumbnails!

Parts in blue boxes are the video thumbnails while parts in red boxes are the buttons. So easy to use!


2. Because it has lots of interesting videos! Below are some of the videos I've watched!:


----- GENRE: HORROR -----

Photo courtesy of Google.com

Movie Information and Insights:

This video depicts the crookedness of human desire. It may only be a two minute video but it perfectly hits the soul of everyone watching it. It tells us that too much greed can shatter everything into pieces.

Animaty movie link: http://animaty.com/movie/greed/30710




Video Courtesy of MadArtistPublishing (youtube.com)

Movie Information and Insights:

If ever dreams in your sleep do come true, what would you do? The Tale of Mr. Revus answers the question. This movie will awaken our senses as we witness the adventures of Mr. Revus while he conquers a world where YOUR dreams come into life. After watching this, I don't know if you still want to fantasize about having your dreams turn into reality! 

Animaty movie link: http://animaty.com/movie/the-tale-of-mr-revus/31308



----- GENRE: SCI-FI -----

Photo courtesy of Google.com

Movie Information and Insights:

The Escape takes place in a future setting where teleportation is already possible. Eliana, the main protagonist, steals a teleportation device. And now, police is on the run after her. 

Stealing is the theme here. We all know that stealing is not good. However, it can be the reason for some action like what you can see in the video. But be careful, it can bring you to infinity of misery.

Animaty movie link: http://animaty.com/movie/the-escape/32993



----- GENRE: DRAMA -----

 Photo courtesy of Google.com

Movie Information and Insights:

People with disabilities or disease should not be viewed as individuals who are incapable of doing something. This is the main emphasis of the film. If a person is physically or mentally challenged, the more caring and understanding everyone should give. This film will certainly melt our hearts since it reminds us of how beautiful life can be. You might consider bringing tissues while watching this.

Animaty movie link: http://animaty.com/movie/the-scarf/30039



----- GENRE: ACTION -----

Photo courtesy of Animaty.com

Movie Information and  Insights:

You'd feel like watching Kimpossible because of its similar graphics. Well, just I noticed. But THIS IS DIFFERENT. In Kimpossible, she has a golden heart. In The Shortcut, the main characters are no different than bank robbers. Simply put to it, the main characters are also the villains. They've got some action going on! They've put on technology with them to help them be successful in their new robbing scheme. 

Do you think they're going to be successful with it? 

Technology plays a big part of our lives these days and so we should be cautious in using it because it might turn against us. Watch the movie to know what I'm saying.

Animaty movie link: http://animaty.com/movie/the-shortcut/28030



----- GENRE: ACTION -----

Photo courtesy of Animaty.com

Movie Information and Insights:

As tasty as it sounds, The Strawberry brings you to the cute little story between Enzo and his red panda! Enzo, a teenager working in an animals protection association, takes care of the very last panda on earth. However, his commitment to save the welfare of this red panda gets to the test as DiCosimo, a merciless taxidermist, is hunting the panda for his own collection.

Always be reminded that animals, like humans, need affection too. They also have the right to feel a sense of belongingness and love. How good would it be to see them happy and joyous too!

Animaty movie link: http://animaty.com/movie/the-strawberry/28006



----- GENRE: ACTION -----

Photo courtesy of Youtube.com

Movie Information and Insights:

We all need to eat and nourish ourselves for us to survive. Also, if there is no pain, there is going to be no gain. If we combine the two ideas stated above, we would be able to create a story concept like that of Parigot. The word 'Parigot' is 'Parisian' in English, meaning someone or something related to Paris.

In the City of Paris, two men compete one another. The bicycle delivery man and the beggar. With the aid of pigeons, the beggar chases the delivery man in order to snatch the gourmet food the latter holds. On the other hand, the delivery man defends his delivery as he rides a bike on the way to a customer. 

When a person is hungry, he sometimes turns into an irrational being. In worst case scenarios, he'll do everything just to fill his hunger outside the limits of control. Watch how the two of them compete one another over some tasty treat. But was it worth the struggle?

Animaty movie link: http://animaty.com/movie/parigot/29152



----- GENRE: ACTION / COMEDY -----

 Photos used courtesy of 'Cafe Serre'

Movie Information and Insights:

Try and try until you succeed. But for a lazy cop, there's no need to try, just let luck do the talking!

Movie lesson wise, stealing will always be wrong and no matter how good you are with it, there would definitely be time that you'll end up on the loom.

Animaty movie link: http://animaty.com/movie/caf-serr/27795


3. And....... There are a lot MORE videos to choose from! :)

 Photos used courtesy of Animaty.com

Isn't it exciting to see these colorful thumbails? :)

I've already written my comments about some of the other videos in my Suspensaty Review Blog since those videos are also available in Suspensaty WebTV.  

Suspensaty.com Review blog linkhttp://www.bitlanders.com/blogs/suspensatycom-review/4183050

List of films reviewed:



'ARK 2007'

















Suspensaty.com Review blog link: http://www.bitlanders.com/blogs/suspensatycom-review/4183050


So there you go! Those are the top 3 reasons why you should choose Animaty. It is so easy, so accessible, and it is MORE FUN! It is original! You'll be definitely looking for more! :) 

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