Why Choose Panasonic GX85 Among Others?

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Struggling with writing a topic, I found my inspiration after being able to watch a video my husband was watching this morning, okay that sounds confusing. Let me reiterate it once again. This morning, my husband was watching a YouTuber's two cents about Panasonic cameras and thought it would be a great topic if I'd be interviewing James once again on what were his basis on why he picked the Panasonic GX85.

These past few days, aside from being super busy with work and extra curricular activities, I had been also lazing out away from writing a blog post. Truly, I need more time management so that I can cope up with writing blogs and work balance plus my travels.

This month is very hectic, from travels each single weekend, to work load that's a bit heavier compared to the past few months, to my online extras, bitLanders of course and another blogging platform which has a huge future so I am investing my time as well on that. So because of these activities, I am having a hard time writing but this is actually a good problem because with travels, I also have inspiration for further blogs.But today, I have no more topics in mind as I was done writing and submitting a blog for the recent team building with our company. Good thing, my husband has helped me with this so with no further ado, let's get started.

This blog gets the title why James choose Panasonic GX85 among other cameras?


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Here are his reasons and basis for finally getting a GX85. But before that, please note as well that he had thought of G85 which is a higher camera unit than the GX85 but because that is not available in the country, he instead bought the lower one.

Before purchasing an expensive item, one should be performing a lot of research so to make sure the camera which you are buying suits your personal needs.

1. 4k Capability


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We must understand that video quality matters a lot in a device. You might be watching a YouTube video and finds the video a bit of grainy or foggy which makes it hard for you to recognize the scenes happening right in front of your eyes. Either the issue is with your internet connection that the video can't play higher video quality or the posted video itself was posted in a low quality.

With the latter, it can be that the user who posted the video had set the exportation of video if that was post processed to a lower quality or he had used a camera with low quality video resolution.

James started to like taking videos but with our old Nikon D5300, it was impossible to get a good video coverage. He has his reasons but this is the first thing he want to enhance.

With the Panasonic GX85, he can capture 4k quality videos which provides more details in both photo and video. Yes, 4k photo mode is also possible which makes better and wider option for cross processing both video and photo.

2. Portability and Size


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Mirror-less cameras are definitely a win for portability and size. It was a pain to be bringing a huge camera when traveling, and since we are really into travel and going out, we need something that can be placed inside our sling bags and would feel like we aren't having to worry a lot with weight.

Also, taking videos and photos with a smaller camera is more convenient. Imagine having a DSLR on hand and a mirror-less, DSLR cameras can be a hassle in terms of taking it out from the bag, positioning it and shooting.


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via bitLanders.com

One more thing is that people around get to notice DSLRs than mirror-less cameras. Like in our recent travels, when we take candid shots, people don't really care about us having our cameras on hand and pointing to them but before, when we use the DSLR, people get to be conscious about us taking a photo of them.

3. In Body Image Stabilization


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Another great feature for this camera is its in body image stabilization. Stabilization is one important point to note when choosing a camera for video. It would be really bad if the video is unstabilized, videos would be unsteady, unsettled and it would make the viewers' dizzy. And most importantly, it will give a negative impression to the viewers.

Stable video means good video as well. This is the reason why most videograhers would buy third party devices just to stabilized their video coverage. Have you heard of Gimbals and steadicams? These are not cheap items but videographers and film makers would invest to have them in hand because of this main reason.


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However, aside from these items being expensive, they are also heavy and the main reason of buying a mirror-less is so he can bring it anywhere without worrying about the weight of the unit.

So having the stability feature is a great point to consider, GX85 have it of course! You'll notice our recent videos, they are more stabilized during panning and even when taking videos on uneven platforms.

4. Touch Screen Feature

Oh this is a fave feature of mine too because having touch screens in navigation and selection is definitely comfortable and efficient at the same time. Imagine getting all options on screen with just a touch of your fingertips? We couldn't do that with the old Nikon camera.


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I imagine setting up the Nikon before with the focusing point. I have to press the right, left, up, down keys so I can move them but with the touchscreen, I can just touch the screen, point it to another area and it automatically gets the focus point into that area where I placed my fingertips.

One beautiful feature related to this too is that even if I use the direct viewfinder, this part of the camera which the photograher's eye can be placed to view the subject before taking the photo or video, I can still move the focus point with the use of the touchscreen! Amazing of course!

5. Timelapse Recording

Who doesn't love timelapse video clips?


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When I first watched a timelapse video, I couldn't sleep, just exaggerating though but it was really interesting that I need to make one similar to that and I have not stopped. Both my husband and I are timelapse lovers.

Video credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via bitLanders.com

This was another reason why James had opted for GX85 as it has the ability to take series of photos and make it into a video right there inside the camera. Then we can either delete the photos or keep them. This is somehow a great option because if we keep the images, we can also take some scenes out of it and use as a separate photo.

This takes out the hassle of transferring the group of photo series but still keeps the ability to edit the photos too if one prefers.

6. Mobile App and Wifi Connection


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Finally, another feature that is very likable of the GX85 is its mobile app which is way way better than the other manufacturers. We had Canon and Nikon before even have GoPro but Panasonic had made the best mobile app for all of these cameras. Why? Below are the reasons:

- Remote control without lag, other apps had this issue and so far, we have not experienced with that just yet.

- Live view remote is possible, yes this enables remote shooting with the live view image available on the mobile phone.

- Ability to adjust the settings like the shutter speed, ISO setting, exposure compensation and even set manual or auto focusing!

- Images get stored on the mobile smartphone, but it can also be browsed, transferred and deleted and both devices are synced.


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Those are just the main reasons, believe it or not, the camera has other features that are lovable for a mirror-less but don't get me wrong, this isn't the perfect camera, it is also lacking on features which we also require such as long exposure! It came to us in a surprise when we learned that it only allows 1 second exposure setting.

That's it and I hope you learned something about this camera unit.


Blog entry written and published by Jean Beltran-Figues, A Pinas traveler and photography hobbyist, find more travel blogs in my blog section, click here.

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