Why do I not get higher marks?

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It is often seen that some students do not get good marks in examination, although they have studied a lot. On the other hand, some students get higher marks, while they have studied less contrary to other students.

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People generally think it a fate game. It is also possible that it happened coincidentally, but according to some educational experts, the reason is that the students who make a planning for their study, get higher marks and the students who study without any planning, get fewer marks.

 According to the educational experts, you should look at the following points for making a successful planning:

1st: Goal/Target.

2nd: Time planning.

3rd: Course planning.

4th: End of basic weaknesses.


>> Goal/Target <<

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You must first have a Goal or Target for study planning. Goals can be of several types, for instance, "I have to top in my class, I have to obtain 90% marks, I have to top on this subject, I have to raise up my family through education".

Here is a definite explanation that education is a source of success it is not a success itself. It means that you have a good tool for achieving success.

The obvious Target creates a passion in the human. Simple thing is that if a student does not have any Goal for the study then why he would work harder, he would work hard to just passed the exam.

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It is generally seen that the children of well-settled families do not get enough education and the reason for this, is that everyone has a Goal behind the scene of getting the education, such as bringing themselves to upper-class from lower-class etc.

Goal is the thing that creates a passion in the human, due to which neither you feel the intensity of the weather, nor your heart regrets when the social life and the interactions are reduced, and neither you get tired of studying for ten to twelve hours.

The more you love your Goal or work hard for achieving it, the more chances will appear for your success. Therefore, first you have to set a big Goal for planning study. Remember that the passion cannot be created in you without a big Goal or Target.

>> Time Planning <<

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Time Planning means, being a student you should know that you must complete this assignment//unit/chapter in a specific time i.e in 30 minutes. In the same way in how many minutes you must finish this question in the examination hall or in a class test.

Most often the students seem to complain that:

I knew the answers of 2 more question but timed out (Probably with a sad face) :-(

Parent: Son, you should have done fastly.

Student: But how? the answers were too lengthy.

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This situation clearly shows that the student did not make any planning for his examination or a poor planning was prepared on which he didn't take care of timing. During such situation, if the answers were long enough then they could be shortened. And if the student's speed of writing was not good, it could also be better with some practice. During the Time Planning, it should be decided that how many parts of the course to be completed and how much time is required.

>> Course Planning <<

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It is better for the Course Planning that when a student's educational year starts, he should plan to do all his courses according to his time. Assume that there are total 8 subjects and each subject includes 9 chapters. And there are 5 topics/questions in every chapter/unit. So there should be total 360 questions or topics. This means that your course is completed in 120 days (four months) by attempting 3 questions daily. At the end, we concluded that if we plan in such a way, the course can be completed easily twice a year.

A good plan is like a road map: it shows the final destination and usually the best way to get there.

H. Stanely Judd

>> Elimination of basic weaknesses <<

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Every student has some basic weaknesses. Students generally do not get good results due to these weaknesses which causes them to get worse and they fed up studying. Therefore, it is important that the weaknesses should be pointed out meticulously and should be removed as soon as possible.

The simple example is that if a Mason is constructing a wall and he chooses the first brick weak so the whole wall will be weak and soon it will collapse by virtue of its own weight. In the same way, the lack of basic skills often leads to failure of students in higher classes.

One of these weaknesses is:

Dictation mistakes and lack of vocabulary

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It is a very common problem. Several times it is seen that there are so many mistakes in the writing of students as well as they have to face the difficulties in expressing their words because they lack vocabulary.

Well, this problem should have been resolved in the primary classes, But whatever happened can't be changed. It is very important to fix the past mistakes now. Therefore, at the beginning of the academic year, special attention should be given on it so that the students can at least save those marks that could be less due to writing mistakes.

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Running up against the difficult subject

Of course it's hard. It's supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Hard is what makes it great.




A subject which is difficult for a student should be more focused so that it can also be eased for the student. The difficult subject must not be neglected in any case rather it should be faced. Remember that NO SUBJECT is difficult, but it is up to the student and teacher how they take up the cudgel.

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An evening academy/institute can be joined for the difficult subject or you may ask for some extra time or attention from your class teacher. In addition, you can get help by the internet as well. It is necessary for higher marks in the final exanimation to get good marks in all subjects, just then their grades will be better. Otherwise, the whole year can be futile just because of one subject.

Fleeing from class tests and cheating


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Some students strive to get higher marks by cheating in the class or they get off on the class test day. This habit is extremely dangerous and it does not only cause educational damage to the students but their personality can also get worse. It is possible to get higher marks by cheating in a class test, but dear, what will you do in the final examination?

In the same way, in case of absent in a class test you can't figure out your actual position and many of your mistakes emerge by the class tests, that can be covered before the annual examination. Otherwise, the final exam may cause a major loss due to these small mistakes.

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