Why Do Some Relationships Fail?

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Why Do Some Relationships Fail?


Reality checks! It is sad to note some relationships fail, others are still holding on the last fibers of emotions left, while other are enjoying the fruits of their emotional struggles.

What is really the real and the true measure of love? Is it the length and frequency of time both are being together? Or even in a long distance set up wherein they're being bridged by a new communication technology available nowadays?

Is it in the kind of flowers, chocolates and gifts given? Were those expensive, and if not the saying "it's the thought that counts" applies.

Is it in the tightness and sincereness of the hugs when together?

Is it in the number of kisses and I love you; checking from time to time the hows' on her or him, if has already eaten, taken a bath, reached destinations, and from the least to the biggest thing that each one is doing every day.

The truth is all of the above-mentioned matters depending on the individual characteristics in a given situation; all of these are factors to a successful relationship.

Why do some still fail? There is no such thing as absence of love or fall out love. Love will always be present and will never ever hide from us unless you, yourself have neglected it.

Love is a two-way traffic of an equilibrium intensity. It will not work out if one will be loved so much while the other is not getting enough love.

Having stated so much, why still some relationships fail? Is it because we often forget or intentionally neglected the two major elements of love, the TRUST and RESPECT. The trust that each one could do anything for the good and happiness of the person you love. The respect of individual differences, care and protection not to hurt nor harm the person that you love.

Completing all the elements of love, it will have a very strong foundation in the midst of any destructions.

Everyone... Let love reigns!


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