Why Do We Have to Consider Color in Blogging?

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Why Do We Have to Consider Color in Blogging?

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Color is one of the major things we need to consider in our daily activities.  As individuals who are into the blogging industry, we need to be careful when choosing what color we have to incorporate in our contents to see to it that it compliments to the main idea of the post or the website itself.  Not only that it will add an impact in the delivery of the idea but it will make the content more appealing and pleasing to the eyes of our readers.

We might not be aware of it but color plays a big role in blogging. A choice of color can greatly affect the delivery of our contents.  Color has a great effect on our moods. Just take for instance seeing a black cat in the dark. This specific scenario will create a feeling of fear. That is the power of color.


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Differences in Personal Preferences

Just recently six (6) of my officemates purchased their new vehicles and here is what I observed.  Two (2) male officemates purchased black cars, One (1) male officemate purchased a white car. Two (2) female officemates bought white cars. The other female officemates purchased a red car.

When I asked them the reason for the choice of the color for their new cars, The male officemates answered they prefer black because it means authority. Women choose white for safety reasons. The other female officemate chooses red because that is her favorite color and that is the only preference she has when she purchased the vehicle. She said "I like red" and any vehicle would do as long as it is red. The other male officemate was influenced by his wife so he chose white. 

Personally, I like the color silver for my new car. Just don't know when I would be able to buy my own, ha! ha! But of course, color is not my main focus when buying one. I would still go for quality. For other things, I prefer pink - this is my favorite color. I would go for royal blue on the choice of clothing. I also love white and other pastel colors. I am very feminine as to the choice of color. You would know that a female owns the table even if you don't see me yet. 

Color may mean different things depending on the circumstances. Color may connote varying meanings on different occasions. Different groups may have contrasting interpretations and perceptions of a specific color.


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Red is a strong color. It may indicate power and danger, fire trucks are red. Red can also mean prosperity, good luck and supposed to ward off evil spirits. That is why Ang Pao is red. Red may also be associated with love,  as red roses are given during Valentines Day and other special occasions. 

Red can also encourage appetites, that is why there are many restaurants use the color red in their designs. KFC, Jollibee, Red Ribbon, Coca-Cola and a lot more.

In accounting, red is a symbol of a loss or bankruptcy.


Blue is a color most preferred by men. No wonder the symbol for men is blue.


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Color blue depicts peace, calmness, and serenity. Blue is also a color of power. 


Orange is often associated with an emergency, just like in this road sign. People who work in traffic and emergency responders also wear orange. 


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 In marketing, orange means a call to action. One of my favorite bloggers, Neil Patel has orange as a predominant color on his site.



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Green is often associated with energy, nature, health and wealth. It can also means money - like dollars. Likewise, green is often used as packaging for health products. Brands like Starbucks, Android and several Banks Like LBP,  use the color green for their logo.


Yellow is a vibrant, cheerful, warm and lively color. But this color can cause eye fatigue.



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Brown is the color of the earth. It can be associated with organic, stable and reliable.  Popular brands that use brown in their design are M and M Chocolate, Hersheys Chocolate and COTTON.  


Pink is a color associated with compassion, nurturing. This color is used for most beauty products. 


Black is usually associated with strength, power, superiority, sophistication, masculine. It may be also associated with evil, dreary, lifeless, death, mourning and depressions.

In finance, black is a sign of profit.


White is a sign of purity, cleanliness, wholeness, innocence and divine. Usually used in weddings and can be use along with other colors.

Most Used Colors of Prominent Brands and Websites

If we would take a closer look at the different successful brands and websites, we can give one common attribute they have. The choice of color. 

Let's take into consideration our very own, Bitlanders:


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We will notice that the site uses orange and blue. Most sites use blue, orange and green as their background color. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are all using blue as background to their websites.

Choosing the right color for our designs can have a great effect on our contents, blogs or other projects.  It is imperative that we take time in learning about color and how it could help us in achieving more engaging contents and increase the profitability of our blog or any project that we have. 

Watch out for more blog posts discussing in detail the different colors and at what instances we can use them for a more successful blogging.

Meanwhile, here is an infographic showing the different effects of colors in marketing especially in purchases. how_colors_affect_us

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Here is another video showing the influence of color:


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