Why do we need artificial intelligence?

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We need to confess that artificial intelligence has become big part of our lives. We are using all those smart devices, every single day, for almost everything what we are doing. Smartphones, smart TVs, smart speakers... But have you ever wondered why do we need all those devices?

I am sure that most of you will say 'Yes, we need all those devices'. 

And, guess what? You are totally right if you said that we need artificial intelligence in our lives. 

Here is why we need all those things.


First on our list are definitely smartphones. We really need those small, thin things. You smartphone is your phone, your calculator, your alarm, your radio, your small console for playing games, way to check your accounts on social networks, access the Internet... and many other things. Can you imagine how hard it would be to do all those things without smartphones? One smartphone is changing at least 10 devices, and all those advices are much bigger than smartphone. 


Credits: New Atlas

Life of an average human being is much different now, than before 50 years, we are living some 'faster' lives, and that is why we need some faster devices, that are easy to use, and easy to carry around. 
I think that I should not talk about smartphones anymore, you got my point.

Let's go to the next one!


Smart door locks

Maybe, we can livew if we do not have smart TV in our home, or if we do not have a personal robot-assistant, but we need to be safe, don't we? We do not want to get robbed, and that is why we need good locks. Smart locks are much better than ordinary locks. 


Credits: Ditigal Trends

I have a need to talk about smart locks, because, in many parts of the world, they are not popular at all. I am living in Serbia, and most people here, have never even heard about those locks. That is not good at all, and I hope that situation will change very soon. 

Next smart thing that we need is...


Smart cars and drones

Here is one more thing that is not popular in my motherland. Roads in Serbia are not good at all, and that is why smart cars are not for us, lol. 
But, smart cars are extremely interesting to people, who are living in countries with good roads, for example, Canada, Germany...
Those cars are great, because you can do many other things during the drive, they are saving your time, and time is money. As I said at the beggining of this text, we are living ast lives, and this car is making us do two things at the same thing. Isn't that great?


Credits: Megatrends by HP

Drones are usually used by people who are filming something, or who are following someone, for example, police can use it. Also, those things can be used for fun. No matter how busy we are, we all need fun. 




While we are talking about cars, we should also mention...



In case that you are going somewhere, and you do not know how to get there, you do not need maps anymore, you can use navigation. There are many applications for navigation, and it is not important which one you are using.


Credits: MBZ master

All of them are much better than maps made out of paper. It is not safe at all to read map, while you are driving your car. In case that you stop your car, while you are reading map, you are losing time. And, we all know that the application is telling us where to go, so we do not have to stop, and we do not have to look at our smart device. 

Let's go to the next one!



There are many applications that are supposed to make using banking services safe and fast. People, from all around the world are using those application every single day. You can use the app on your phone to pay bills, to buy things, even to get your money from ATM.


Credits: Lawyer Monthly

In my opinion, in about five years, we are not going to need our banking and ATM cards anymore. Only what we are going to need are going to be smartphone and the banking application on it. 

And, while we are at home...


Smart home devices

Nowadays, most people are not even paying attention to smart home devices. Those things become normal to us. We can not remember how life looked beore we had all those smart devices in our home. For example, almost everyone has the smart thermostat. I think that I do not have to explain you why it is very important for all of us to have it. 


Credits: Best Buy

Also, one more small home device is smart camera. Those things are very small, and we do not even notice them in our home, and sometimes they can help us a lot.



Credits: Best Buy

Security camers in the past were not very helpful in many situations, and many people had big problems with video material, that those cameras were reording, but nowadasy, people are not having any problems with those cameras. 

And, when we want to relax, and have some fun...


Smart devices for having fun

I am pretty sure that you are using most of those things in your home, and I will not talk too much about them. I will just post a list of my favorite smart devices and gadgets for having funm that we are using in our homes, while we are with our friends and family. Some of those devices we are using even at work, at school, even in our cars. Please, let me know, which of those devices are you personally using, which o them is your favorite one, and why do you like that device more than all other smart deices. 



Creditrs: Medium.com

Here is my list o smart devices for having fun

  • Smart Speakers
  • Smart Displays
  • Smart Robots 
  • Smart Consolas for playing games
  • Smart TVs
  • Smart Mirror Personal Assistant
  • Robot Floor Map ( I am not sure, am I the only person, who thinks that this device is actually very funny. Please, let me know, what do you personally think about this device. Is it fun to you?)
  • Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug (Okay, this device is not funny, but it is helping us with our Wi-Fi, and as you all know, we need Wi-Fi to have fun, that is why this device is on our list.)
  • Dog's training Barking Mat ( In case that you know some other devices that are made for our pet, please, say something about them, in the comments below this post, I would love to find more about smart devices for pets.)
  • Dancing Flames Speaker Fire Pit ( This is one of my favorite smart devices form this list. Do you also like this one?)

So, that was the list of my favorite smart devices, I hope that you like them too. In case that you like some other devices that are not here, on my list, please, describe them below. 

Thank you very much for your attention, and for reading this post. I hope you liked it, please, do not be too strict, this was my first post about smart devices. 

Thank you, and see you in next post! 

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