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   First of all I introduce you myself. My name is Zain ul abidin. I live in Haripur, KPK Pakistan. So I am the citizen of Pakistan. I love my country very much. This is natural thing for anyone to love his country. But there are many reasons for me to love my beautiful country Pakistan.

              This is the land where I born, grew and will die. Everyone loves his place of birth very much, because birth place gives him identity. It gives the feeling of love just like mother. Here I smell the sweet fragrance of warmnesslove, affection,kindness and sympathetic attitude from its land.

I love Pakistan because:

  • It is a beautiful country and it is blessed with natural beauty. It has very beautiful valleys like Swat, Murree, Chitral, Kaghan, Naran, Gilgit, Skurdu, and Muzffarabad etc.
  • I feel at home in my country, where I feel secure myself.
  • It is the land of warm water, means its water flows and due to which water transport is more easily possible.

       Why I should not love my country?  It gave me an origin and it will give me a piece of land, when I will die. In Pakistan many tourists come to see its beauty. I pride of my country. Not only God has gifted natural beauty to it but its citizen also made it more beautiful. It’s cities like Karachi Lahore Peshawar and Islamabad etc are among beautiful cities of the world.

      Many people have wrong opinion about Pakistan that it is the land of terrorists. No, it is the land innocent people, who are being killed on the behalf of conspiracy of its enemies. As it is matter of common sense, who is there that can be killed by his self. There are other people, the conspirators the enemies of our country who wants to make this land out of joint, harmful and want to show its picture gruesome to the world.

        I may say that I love Pakistan because of its inhabitants, its cities, its ways of living, its customs, its language and its very air and water. The average Pakistani is extremely generous and inhospitable. Pakistan is one of the most important Muslim country of the world. Its people are full of talent. Its people welcome their guests with open hearts and entertain them with great love.

     Pakistani people are very loving, caring, polite and kind. They love and give respect to each other. In any time of difficulty they support each other. I am the part of Pakistan, so I love it.

     Many people think that there is terrorism, target killingcorruption, poverty and load shedding etc. What is there in it? Why don’t they think, that it is the land who has given them the shelter, feeling of warmness and feeling of security. If they go outside the country the will feel the difference of warmness and coldness, where no one will be to welcome, to hug them.

        I love my country because it is the land of four seasons. In some countries there places remain covered for whole year and in some countries summer occupies there in, for a whole year. But in Pakistan all the four seasons come one by one. Pakistani people enjoy summer, autumn, winter and spring.



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My name is zain ul abidin. I am a player of gymnastic and karate. i joined bitlanders at 11th jan 2014.

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