Why Is Land Use Plan is Important in the Process of Development

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The land is a natural resource that forms part of the properties of the country not covered by water intended for several purposes that may benefit the people inside the area. Land may be private or public property. It can be an agricultural or industrial. 



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The land has many uses. We use it primarily for constructing our home, for agricultural purposes such as planting crops for our food. We need land in order to build facilities such as roads, and bridges to transport the goods to the market and to reach our destinations faster through the use of vehicles. We use the land for recreational purposes as well. This may include parks, museums, and playgrounds. We need land for commercial purposes. 


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The population is growing every day, however, the land we live in does not increase in size. The government should come up with a clear plan on how to utilize the land in the coming years without destroying the current environmental condition. While we aim for development, we should also consider the next generation. 

Why Do We Need to Have a Land Use Plan?

The current place where our office is located was used to be a rice field. It was about a year ago when we transferred to this place after the construction of our new office. There were few buildings in this area during that time as our building and that of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) were first offices to have a building in that area.   But now, after a few months, the place has already been populated with huge buildings. Construction of some of the buildings is currently ongoing. 


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Changes in every area of the world are happening fast. The development is inevitable. People continue to discover new concept and ideas that will contribute to the continuous improvement of the community. 

Here is another place showing transformation captured by Google Streetview.


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 As the population continues to grow, we need more buildings, more roads, and bridges, more facilities. For these reasons, the government should develop a plan. 

In the Philippine settings, Executive Order No. 72 provides for the preparation and implementation of the Comprehensive Land Use Plans of Local Government Units pursuant to the Local Government Code of 1991 and other pertinent laws.

The country may have a wide area of land that could be used in the future undertakings intended for the development of the country. The government needs to plan carefully what they want to use the land for in the near future.  A general plan should be in place in order to guide the future action plan of the community. It represents the vision of the future.  

The Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) is considered the mother of all plans in the Local Government Units. It is a long-range plan which covers approved proposals for the next 10 years. The plan should be the basis of other plans in a particular local government unit. 

Factors to Consider When Formulating a Land Use Plan

There are a lot of factors that the local government should consider when formulating a Land Use Plan. Among these are; the vision of the community, the geographical location, the population and population growth, potentials and environment protection.

(1) Vision

Vision refers to the status the community dreamt to become in the near future. That is why it is imperative to include a Vision Statement in every plan.  It intends to give a clear guide on what course of action to be undertaken. How would you like to see your place in the near future? With the vision in mind, you can create series of undertakings pointing towards the realization of this vision.


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(2) Geographical Location

It should be given utmost importance when creating a plan. Plans to be formulated on those places which are usually visited by typhoons and other calamities would be much different from those places which are not prone to calamities. Furthermore, location is a vital factor which may be considered in the process of development of a certain place. 


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(3) Population and Population Growth

Population and population growth should likewise be considered in the formulation of the plan. An accurate population size and proper projection are necessary for coming up with a reliable plan. The local government should have an updated database of the population. The villages must update the list of their residents every time. 


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(4) Potentials

Potentials in terms of livelihood, investments, tourism and other factors affecting development should likewise be given due consideration in the planning process. Is there a particular area in the place which has natural scenic spots which can be further developed in order to attract tourists? 


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(5) Environment Protection

While we are planning for the development of our place, it should be given due consideration the effect of these actions on our environment. Preservation of the natural resources should be a priority.  It is crucial in the preparation for the development of the whole community by identifying the different classifications of land within the area.  Protection of the Community should be kept in by Identifying Hazard Prone areas.

Characteristics of a Good Plan

A good plan should Provide Continuity.    Meaning, the succeeding officials should be able to continue the vision sets in the plan. Local officials in the Philippines will hold a term of office for three (3) years before the next election would take place. Some programs and project would take more than 3 years to be completed. With this being said, it is imperative that the officials we choose will continue the vision set forth in the approved Comprehensive Land Use Plan. 

A good plan must have a shared vision.  The plan should not be formulated by only one person rather by the whole community.  Every sector in the community must be duly represented during the formulation of the plan. 

Above all, the plan should set a goal that is achievable. 

Here is a sample Land Use Plan for a suburban village in Beijing, China


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Here is another video showing the importance of a Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

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On the final thought...

 Preparing our future as well as our children's future begins with a clear plan. 

Thank you for reading!

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