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Well, the title of this post may seem quite weird for most of you. Yet everything kinda gets a meaning when I tell you that #WhyMe is the title of a song. A song by the already-mentioned-in-other-posts Weezsims, which features rappers Big Jon and The Jay (remember #Worldwide?).

When I was about to record my part of the song (the chorus), I had the feeling I was only the 'guy that sings the hook', while the rappers are able to show beast-mode lyrical skills and well-thought rhyme constructions. And I was reaaaaally wrong.

I ignored I was going to be also producer (in the 'mixing and mastering' sense of the word), later screenwriter (we all were screenwriters actually), director of the videoclip, camera-guy and... ACTOR! (WTF?).

The '90%' in the title implicitly reveals that I'm also in charge of editing, putting effects and colour and all that stuff.

Now wait, do I sound like I'm mad? Like I'm complaining about the tasks?


I reaaaaally love making this. I love music. I love filming. I love editing. I love to watch the final work and be proud of the good job done by the team, because without them there would be nothing to mix, master, direct or film.

I had to tell you all this before finishing the videoclip. Now I feel even stronger to murder (in a good sense) that last 10% that remains. And while I do it, why don't you take a drink and put yourselves comfortable?


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