Why our body temperature change according to our environment

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Temperature is also an important component of the body. The effect of temperature is both present in animals and human body. In case of plants temperature is also effect on it but plants have no internal temperature only the external temperature effect on it. If the temperature will increases especially in summer season the plants will be dehydrated as a result it will die.

But small amount of heat and temperature is also required for growth of the plants because they prepare the food and get a nutrition due to the presence of heat of sunlight. Due to the presence a sunlight the plants take the prosses of photosynthesis and prepare their food . In animals temperature has also effect on it.

In animals the internal temperature have a specific range. Mostly the external temperature do not effect on the animals. Some animals are those which can change their temperature with respect to the surrounding. In human body both external and internal temperature exist. This temperature will be maintained at a specific level.

The maintenance of the internal temperature within the normal range that allows the cells to work properly is known as Thermoregulation. The external temperature is increases which greatly affect the body of human beings as a result fever, Elargy and other diseases will cause. The specific range of internal temperature of the body is 35 degree centigrade to 40 degree centigrade.

If above and below this range then the disorders will occurs in the body. The normal internal temperature of the human body is 37 degree centigrade. If the temperature is exceeded about 40 degree centigrade as a result the system of the whole body will disturbed and the increase of the body temperature about 40 degree centigrade then the cell and tissues will die.

The normal external temperature of the body is 97 degree centigrade and if this temperature will exceeded about 104 degree centigrade as a result the death will cause. So the temperature are greatly affected the body. So it is necessary to maintain the temperature with specific level because it not only regulate the proper functioning of the body but also for the health of the human beings.

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