Why should we recycle?

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We like nature, visit the forests, go to the beaches and watch the TV channels that make documentaries about nature. They are beautiful experiences that we all enjoy to the maximum.

In the experiences with nature, this calls our attention to the actions that we do and that harm it. One of these actions is the excessive use of this to obtain resources that we need for our existence on earth.

All of our clothes, cars, household effects and our homes are built with materials that we can recycle to help our planet meet our needs.

Plastics, crystals, chemicals, metals; All these can be recycled to obtain materials that will somehow serve in the manufacture of new products.

Aid to the oceans

Every day we throw plastic waste into the oceans for a total of approximately 22000 tons (Source: via El País), this data excludes other materials such as metals, organic waste, chemicals among others that also negatively affect the health of organisms living in The sea, human health and the planet in general.

Contributing to cleanup through recycling, these amounts could be greatly reduced for the benefit of all because we would have more food available to fish and other animals that live there.

Protecting the oceans is vital because, without it, our planet would be an arid place with no impossibility of life.


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Help the Forest

The world's forests are the plant's lungs, the source of water, the source of resources such as paper, textiles among others. Protecting these environments is necessary for the continuity of life on the planet.

How does garbage affect the forest?

It affects trees, contaminating their roots, blocking access to water, contaminating also the wetlands where we get fresh water for our livelihood. This causes the forest to reduce its thickness, also reducing the capacity of the forest to clean the air of gases that produce the greenhouse effect, such as CO2.

Forest health protects the ecosystem by supporting storms, floods, landslides because they face the winds, absorb the water and strengthen the soil in the face of excessive humidity.

Help your city

In cities, waste can block drains, foul smells, block sidewalks, and negatively affect the city's appearance, providing a messy environment.

A clean city is more attractive with regard to the visit of tourists who come to visit the attractions that own the same. An excess of garbage in the streets affects economically any city, which must produce all its income of money by itself.

To recycle individually, each citizen contributes to the effective organization of the collection and final disposal of waste.


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Aid to nature in general

Recycling helps positively to nature because in this way the industry demands fewer resources of this one. Whenever we recycle something, we contribute so that a tree is not felled, less oil is extracted from the subsoil, fewer animals die because of human exploitation.

Nature needs us now. The resources we can recycle will help maintain a sustainable ecological balance that will contribute to the present and future generations the possibility of a full life.



In our days it is necessary to take actions aimed at reducing our negative effect on nature. Recycling constantly gives us the possibility of contributing to the reduction of the burden that we represent the human beings to the natural and sustainable balance of the environment.

Recycling is one of the most civilized ways we can use to protect our air, oceans, and forests.

The action must be now, without waiting any longer, without hesitating for a second, without making excuses, without giving a detour, because our planet cries out for a solution to the problem of garbage and the rubbish we throw every day and that will be reversed against ourselves.

Thanks for reading my article and look forward to being part of the solution!

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