Why should you become a virtual assistant?

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Why should you become a virtual assistant?

Let me begin with a friend’s story called Amos, as Post Graduate (PG) students, we all are trying to find a job.  I was happy when Amos got a job offer at the bank, thanks to the job offer things took a downturn he could no longer come to class, as the horrors of working 7:00 am to 5:30 pm kicks-in

The horrors did bring out the definition and meaning to Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaira student’s slogan No time to check time. My friend could no longer have time for class nor for himself, what a wrong turn of event for the worst!


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Then, why should you become a virtual assistant? You should become a virtual assistant in order to be free from the horrors of modern slavery of 7:00 am to 7:00 pm jobs in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

You will be reading why becoming a virtual assistant is the best thing that happens to Nigerians than independence and having a university certificate in their hands.  The above statement still remains debatable of course if you have a different opinion, please do share!

Some of the reasons why becoming a virtual assistant is incredible!!

You can work when you want

Take my friend Amos for example; he cannot spend time with me or his family members.  To become a virtual assistant is to have the privilege to work when you want to.  As a virtual assistant, you get to spend some quality time with your kids, your friends, go out with friends and travel the world!


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The Nigerian society has never groomed any boy/girl within the working age to work when they want too, we are just raised for the horrors of 7 am to 8 pm jobs. This is an opportunity to change the circle of modern-day slavery in disguise as jobs.

Use your brain to work where you want

 The key here is using your brain from a virtual office remotely in any part of the world to make a living. All you need is a laptop and internet connection.  Why spend so much time in the office doing the same routine job description? Travel the world meet people, make friends and work from anywhere.


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To become a virtual assistant is to work and learn every day by encountering new challenges,  then devising  new ways of solving them and getting results in the short possible time.


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It will be an honour to tell you since I started blogging on Bitlanders, my idea about blogging have completely changed. Miss Hillary has really dealt a number on me because am yet to write a better article for 4 stars, Hope i do get 4 stars soon! This is completely different from what I’m used to on Wordpress.

It is rewarding to work online knowing that there isn’t going to be any boss barking orders or supervisor who will insist on trying to make you the scapegoat.

Use your brain to work where you want, when you want and make a living!

The pay is motivating

There are a good number of reasons people prefer virtual assistant work than an office job. This is because the pay is motivating! There is no better motivating factor than the money! There are no two ways about this, working for yourself means the more hard work you put in the more the output will become


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Amos does lament about how he is a workaholic and no appreciation from his boss at the office. This is demoralizing!! After putting all the hard work, and sleepless nights, your loyalty and commitment are gone with the wind. You are not appreciated, nor a thank you for hard work or monthly bonus.

You are now living a life, not modern slavery

Being a virtual assistant is hard work, probably harder than your employment right now, you will have to put in the man-hours, do the work and get paid.


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But it totally worth it!!!


Because you are in control of how much you earned! You don’t have a boss, you are your own boss! You decide the cheque! or a subordinate!


Though at first, you may think you are not living, as time pass by, it will finally make sense and you will know You are now living a life, not modern slavery



Virtual assistant, freelancing and any online job should not be taken likely as

Easy Money

for doing nothing or spending some few hours on your PC, it is a serious career and should be pursed with all diligence.


This article should not be taken likely, should not be a blueprint for the weak resolution of an excuse to become an online assistant. To become, there is a prize to pay, or it may end up shattering your dreams if can’t pay the prize!


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Think and act like a business owner when considering virtual assistant, when choosing this line of work and make it a career, so you can make a living out of it.

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To actually become a virtual assistant after considering why should you become a virtual assistant, then keep a date with me on Bitlanders and I will give you a rare treat!!

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