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Whether you are into blogging, marketing or a business owner, you need to find a place where you can share your contents to reach out to a larger number of people.  Facebook is a good place to socialize, make friends and post updates and selfies. Sharing our contents with Facebook is a good marketing strategy because of the huge potential audience. In the latest Statista report, it has more than 2.23 Billion active users worldwide.  However, it is also a wide knowledge that the site has a different classification of users making it difficult to get a specific audience. 

On the other hand, Pinterest is a perfect site for sharing our contents with a more focused audience. The site organizes the contents through the use of pictures which can be grouped together based on the different Pinterest ideas. If you are a blogger who is aiming to gain huge following and traffic to your website, this blog post is for you.

What is Pinterest?


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When you visit a certain site, you probably have noticed some buttons on the site prompting you to pin a post or an article. These buttons can be round, square or rectangular in shape. It's one of the innovations of the site to make it easy for the audience to share the contents across the web. The growing popularity of Pinterest is noticeable. In fact, many Millennials are now on Pinterest sharing photos either for fun or for business alike. 

Pinterest has been around since 2010 founded by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp. Currently, Pinterest is recording 175 million monthly active users which shows a huge leap from 80 million in 2014. 

Why People Use Pinterest?

People eventually get exhausted from reading Facebook updates which most often composed of rants, political issues, and personal milestones. There's the platform where audience started to turn to for inspiring visuals in the form of foods, fashion, and even creative stuff. Pinterest captivated the interest of millions of people because of its unique style of organizing contents. 

Marketers and business owners can share their contents with the use of captivating images and designs which will certainly encourage the audience to open and visit their sites. Colorful, fun and lively photos can be found in an organized manner making it easy for an individual who visits the site to find what they are looking for. Moreover, the search button is functional making it much easier to find what you are looking for. Additionally, suggestions will show up for a more extensive search of a given idea. 

Here is an example. When you search about the Philippines, you will be given additional options which could lead to a detailed and more specific search. This way, you no longer have to conduct another search for a specific item because the site itself is feeding the relevant information. 


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Terms You Need to Know


Pin is the content we shared on Pinterest. It contains images, description, and source. 


Board is a collection of different pins with the same idea. Example, a board about foods. 

♥Group Board

Group Board is a board created by one Pinterest members for collaboration. Once a member was invited to join the Group Board, he/she can post her pins on the board and the other members of the Goru Board can now see the pins on their home feeds.

How to Create an Account?

1. Proceed directly to www.pinterest.com


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Pinterest is free to use. You may go directly to the Pinterest website and create an account. You can use your personal email of you can sign up through your Facebook account or with Google. If you decide to use your email, enter your email address on the space provided, enter your desired password and click continue. 

2. Fill out Required Information


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A new page will open where you will be required to fill out the gender. The next step will be selecting a language and location. You will now be required to pick at least 5 interest, you can choose more than 5. After this process, you will now be routed to the homepage where you can update your profile and other personal data.

3. Fill Out Personal Data


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How to Post on Pinterest?

One you already have an account with Pinterest, you are now allowed to post a pin on the platform. Here's how:

1. Click the Red Plus Sign


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Start posting pins by clicking on the red plus (+) sign on the upper rightmost corner of the page. There are two options for posting a pin. There are two ways to post a pin, create a pin manually or save from the site. 

2. Create a Pin by Manually Uploading an image


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You can create a pin by using your own saved photos from your computer. Place the link of the article or post on the space provided and add some description.

3. Upload from the Site


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Select the post you want to upload and copy the URL. Then paste it into the designated space and click Done. 

4. Choose a Board


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This is the final step. You have to choose a board that is related to your post. You can create a new board if necessary.

Now you can view your pin and watch the views increase every day.

Here is another video which will help you get the most from Pinterest. Enjoy watching!

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On the final thought...

Pinterest is a place for showcasing your skills and at the same time to find informative posts which can help you improve your business. I have been using Pinterest for a while and I am happy with the results. Currently, I am sharing most of my Bitlanders blog posts on Pinterest to generate more traffic for my blog posts and the site as well.

Thank you for reading! Meanwhile, here is a Querlo Chat for you...

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