Why some people decorate their body?

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Some people decorate their bodies for most reasons which they have. They decorate their bodies with something in many different ways.

some of them decorated their bodies thousands of years ago. Other of them want to be attractive. Some of this people decorate their ears and lips ,neck and also their hands to be look attractive. for example the Surmese Women put a plate in their bottom lip in Africa.

It is a question which ,How they do this? At first their mothers make one hole on the bottom lip of their daughters. And then they stretches the daughters lips and then they wear a small plate in her lip, when their daughters become older ,they wear bigger and bigger plate in her lip.

and also other of the African wear plates in their ears because they want their ears hang on their shoulders. The Pa Daung Women are called “giraffe women” because they have many big necks as the same giraffes in Myanmar. the women put rings which made of metal to stretch their necks like giraffes.

they put  lot of rings when they be come older and older. Their necks become longer and longer. and their necks are often one or two time in the normal size. many women die when they want to put of their rings. they also design their teeth to look attractive .a lot of people in America and also in Europe like white and they straight their teeth. Because of that matter they spend much money to decorate and clean their teeth.

this matter is not correct in some other part of this world.in east  Africa, most of the people straight their bottom teeth .they like their top teeth stick out in many part of Asia, some girls and women paint  their teeth black to be attractive and look beautiful.

new a day  many young people do not like do this act. young  people file their teeth in to Indonesia. they believe that ,this person whit file teeth must have a beautiful, good and healthy life. some people in the world so much liked tattoos.one of the famous explorer in the England by the name of Captain Cook which went to Tahiti and he saw people which have tattoos which called  decoration of tatou.

From of that we achieve the word of tattoo. And from that time Tahitians  took Cook and also his sailors and the way how to make tattoos .the sailors came back to the England and other people become interested to that. and at that time spread to the other part of Europe. Most sailors today have tattoos. and also a lot of people have tattoos.

And most peoples tattoos decoration are very beautiful to other people, they are very different and strange.

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