Why the people are disheartened and distress by others?

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 As being a creature of Allah Almighty, we have to create love and show pity and sympathy with others. We have to admire the mistake of others because a human made with mistakes. No one is pure and perfect.

The person can be disheartened by others only because of few reasons;

  Firstly; your demand and expectation high from that person whom you are close enough. Keep neutral all the creatures or treat equally and do not make disrupt the other people.

Secondly; the way we are keeping someone in high a peak because for the sake of showing loves. If anyone  wants to keep someone in high standard than never try to down that person because a mirror can be broken when it is drown from the height as like the high expectation keeper also can broke but can’t be collect his/herself. So show your love, your care, your affection etc according to your capability.

Thirdly, the jealousy that is eating the root of humanity, we have to be humble toward all the humanity. As we know we all have to left one day this world then why do so we can’t bear someone’s success and prosperous.
Fourthly, the criticizing of others, we  people are taking the topic of someone and criticizing that person even not looking toward him/herself. So we have to pure first.

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