Why there is so much more to Jet Li's hands than martial arts

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In the video below, movie and martial arts star Jet Li was invited by the Permanent Mission of China to the UN and the Chinese Wushu Association (the Association that promotes the body and spirit of martial arts) to an event which included a two hour long Wushu performance primarily to raise awareness about the famine in Africa.

He urges us to help by saying how he often thinks about his two hands as being one to work, take care of your family and children and the other to give a bit to our global family and tells how he was given a cup by the people of Somali and Kenya to remind him that the total of their daily meals aren’t enough to fill a cup.

Born in 1963 in Beijing, China, Li is famous for starring in movies that utilise his martial arts skills such as Lethal Weapon 4, Fist of Legend and Kiss of the Dragon, though he has a very philosophical view on life and thinks the greatest weapon is a smile and the largest power is love. Contrary to the roles he often plays in movies he has never had to use his martial arts skills in a real fight and does not wish to either. Li believes the essence of martial arts is not power or speed but inner harmony. He would like to see Wushu as a form of art where artists have less limitations and a more distinctive style.

He is no stranger to philanthropy as he is also ambassador of the Red Cross Society, having contributed the equivalent of over $62,000 of his box office takings from his film Fearless to the psychological Sunshine project which promotes mental health.

Li has also formed his own non-profit foundation, ‘The One Foundation’ which works with the Red Cross to provide international disaster relief. Despite all his achievements, Li is pushing even harder to do his best to help the world.

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