Why use Spotify to listen to your favorite music?

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Downloading thousands of your favorite songs altogether can be a hassle to you and to your hard disk space. Good thing that Spotify is here to let us listen to millions of music and discover new music to suit your taste and your mood as well without the risk of filling up your hard disk and make it slow. 

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a software that lets you listen to music with millions of songs available. You can discover new music or search them and then listen. 

Why listen to Spotify?

1. Spotify is FREE.

2. Spotify saves space through streaming instead of downloading.

3. Spotify let you discover new music.

4. Spotify lets you sync your playlist to any device. Just sign in to your account to sync. 

5. Create, mix and be a radio of your own station. Spotify lets you create your own channel and gain followers.

Also, if you use a pc without Spotify on it, no problem because you can always use the webplayer to listen to your favorite music. It is pretty easy. Maybe you should try it too! I've been a Spotify user for almost a year now and I love it! 

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