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Are you struggling with your writing or may be wondering why is it even important to improve your writing skills? Sometimes we have a feeling that we understand a lot of content in English, but when it comes to writing, we are always getting stuck, We don’t know where to begin or even when we begin to write, we simply get frustrated as we don’t know how to express ourselves effectively. Don’t feel too bad about yourself if you are having problems like this, we are all experiencing it.

Writing the perfect paper is a lot like a military operation. It takes discipline, foresight, research, strategy, and, if done right, ends in total victory.
- Ryan Holiday

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Writing develops your brain’s activity to think because you are forced to use various expressions, words, grammatical structures, and phrases to express yourself. It’s the primary basis upon which our learning and intellect will be judged or tested whether in college, workplace or even in the community. It’s a skill that all good communicators should be developing on a daily basis because the ability to articulate yourself through writing provides an opportunity to share your knowledge with others in a meaningful way. When it's necessary, you can use a tool to check plagiarism online or other online tools which can help us to bring out the best in us by helping where we might need one.

Possessing proficient writing skills is an essential aspect of education that prepares the students for the transition from high school to post-secondary education, as well as through employment where possessing excellent writing skills is crucial. It provides you with catharsis and a sense of accomplishment by completing and feeling good about a piece of writing that you have worked. It promotes confidence which is an essential element to personal productivity in all facets of education. Given below are the reasons why writing is a key aspect of everyday life.

1. It’s a pivotal form of communication in our lives.

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Communication is one of the most crucial aspects of the working world because it’s what keeps us moving in the same general direction. Words are everything and it’s needed to form trusting relationships, close business deals, conduct interviews, draw in customers, and retain clientele. A business contract written infallible, ambiguous language can ruin a good relationship any day while a badly worded letter,  or an email, with spelling mistakes, careless grammatical errors, and miscommunicated ideas are enough for a potential client to lose interest in an investment or a business deal. It’s needed to accomplish things - it gives our lives, the world, and everything in it meaning.

2. It is a required qualification in most jobs.

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The entire point of getting an education is to find and keep a good-paying job or career throughout one’s life and this is good for college graduates, who have been trained for four years – and sometimes longer- on how to write effectively in the professional world. Writing develops the skill of inquiry that will be needed to do research and collect data. When you need to seek information to support an argument, you will have to pick out the best bits of the research from the countless internet pages and books available for you to peruse and work out a way to consolidate this information. Many business organizations require their people to at least be somewhat competent in writing and quite a few applicants are hired simply because their writing skill is better than the others. Writing is something most professionals are required to do whether it’s a teacher drafting a lesson plan for the next day’s class, a lawyer finalizing the legalities of a business deal, or a law enforcement officer writing a crime report.

3. Those who write well succeed in their career.

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It’s a trait that can make writers excel in journalism, advertising, marketing, and publishing because they are expert at writing their language and they’re generally creative people with good ideas. Those who are good writers can lead to an increase in revenue such as a technical writer that can translate the language of a consumer, a copy editor who catches a grammatical or fact-checking error describing a product, or a brilliant copywriter writing the next catchphrase that goes on to make a shoe company millions of dollars. They are nerdy about the exactness of the language they read, speak, and write which make them the best candidates to entrust with details to avoid a business getting sued for copyright infringement because of a simple spelling error describing a product. Good writers are highly trained to look for such errors to prevent a business from losing money and potential customers.

4. It utilizes one’s critical-thinking skills and intelligence.

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Writing utilizes one’s ability to dissect and consider relevant information for a purpose, and the ability to skillfully and actively analyze, conceptualize, synthesize, evaluate, and apply information gathered from or generated by, experience, observation, reasoning, or reflection, as a guide to action and belief. Writing is the result of reading, contemplating, and comprehending information and it combines one’s own capacity and intelligence for retaining information in order for them to communicate at the most effective way possible. It is an extension of one’s speech that indicates one’s level of education such as the ability to create paragraphs out of sentences, sentences out of words, and words out of your emotions and thoughts. To be employable whether in the private sectors or a corporate field, you must have two things generally: experience and array of practical skills like writing which is a highly valued skill and much-needed in the working world.

5. It enhances your memory retention.

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One of the best ways for you to learn and study material is writing noes down and the more confident you are with writing, the more you can tackle this task easily. You can take notes during a meeting, jot down a message, write a New Year's Resolution list every year, or simply write a to-do list each day. You will know that the act of writing things down on a regular basis immensely increases the chances of remembering the task at hand. Some people think that writing is just a simple activity which only involves putting words in front of another to make sentences, but truth is that it’s far from this. Writing is a very tedious, hair pulling thing to be good at and it will always be a challenge.

6. It is a way of self-improvement.

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Writing helps you think better, and perhaps even be smarter by allowing you to collect scattered ideas and thoughts, and channel them into a single beam of information. It creates a new dimension for the mind to move into, and consequently, open up a space for unparalleled imagination and expression. The idea of writing anything is sure to enhance the way you perceive the world around you which leads to improved cognitive ability. Strong writing skills are not only reserved for poets, screenwriters, authors, and journalists alone but also crucial for countless callings and careers. Yes, writing helps you to become a better person.

7. It is where you can express yourself.

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Just like music, writing is also a therapeutic one. The articles you read in the newspaper and the fantastic books you see sitting in bookshops, they have all been written by writers stringing a long line of words together. You are born with a unique voice and a special style that should be encouraged. Every time you put pen to paper, it stirs both your right and left brain into action as you stretch your mind to come up with creating ideas and possibilities, dream up new stories, and do anything that your mind desires. Pouring your heart out in a secret diary or writing stories are great ways to clarify ideas and gives you strength and direction by getting things off your chest and mind. This unique personality is a gift that has the opportunity to shine brightly.

8. It is a lifetime required skill for everyone.

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Have you come across an email - of course, from an adult - with numerous grammatical and spelling errors and thought that it looks so unprofessional? And guess when and where these errors can be probably tracked back to? This is most likely during his younger, more affirmative how-to-be-a-good-writer years. That is why it’s so important to practice and learn the skill of writing from a young age, or else, it will come back to haunt you as an adult. All good writing has a proper structure to be followed to avoid conveying the wrong message to the other party. The more you practice thinking about what you want to say and how you can say it in a logical manner, the quicker and better you can work out what goes when and where, which also helps you to further develop your decision-making skills.

9. It is very empowering for all of us.

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Writing is a complex process in all its varied forms and purposes. Although the process is rarely linear, it has distinct stages that all writer goes through such as planning, drafting, reflection, and revision. It develops the skill of inquiry that includes contrasting and comparing, evaluating and collecting information, building an argument for a particular point of view or position, and imagining situations from a different perspective. Our desire to feel understood or to recognize that what one thinks or feels matters is what call upon us to bring ourselves together to shape feeling and experience into something another person can read and understand. It’s fun to tap into our creative veins and be amazed by the riches there while developing a healthy skepticism that leads us to powerful imaginations, exploration of ideas, and an enlarged world view.

Final Remarks

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The importance of writing stems from the fact that it is the primary basis upon which art, communication, record keeping, and history is begun. It is the framework of our communication whether it to be a love letter, restaurant menu, or an office memo. We are encountered with writing every day of our lives that we can use to give information, question, opinion, or poetry. No one can imagine a life that didn’t involve writing because the things writing has done in the world and our lives are profound.

Writing is extremely important in today’s society and communication is transmitted more through writing than any other type of media. It’s impossible to ignore writing in our lives because even simple binding agreements or contracts are written and signed. Being able to express yourself in both an interesting way and easy to understand is the key to achieving success which what most professionals across many fields are practicing.

Writing helps you collect your thoughts to see which one outweighs the other. Writing down your ideas preserves them so that you can reflect upon them later and it also allows you to evaluate the adequacy of your argument. It makes you move easily among inferences, opinions, and facts without getting confused. Find time to read your writing before clicking send or submit, and opt for getting to the point rather than going on a tangent. Once you get into the habit of writing, you’ll likely soon realize you’re better off keeping things simple.



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