why you should organize your closet ?

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1- The chaos will affect the speed you choose what you need and being late for appointments because of the time wasted in searching for the right wear.

2- You will be surprised that there are old things that make a lot of space and can not be used.

3- When you find what you want, you will need additional time for ironing than you may need if everything in it's right place.

4- Small sized things might be lost for example accessories like rings or small objects like buttons.

5- The bad look may make you feel uncomfortable whenever you entered the room. you may feel embarrassed when your friend visits you and enters the room.

6- You may feel frustrated that your clothes have become old and could not wear them, so you decide to go buy new.

7- When the closet is clean and tidy, you always feel that you have a lot of clothes that can be worn.

8- Few divisions and few drawers will be difficult for you to organize.

9- Part devoted for shoes better not to be made of wood, first it's difficult to wash off with water and also cause an unpleasant odor.

10- Hanger play an important role in maintaining the order of the cupboard.

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