Why You Should Try C-Blogging?

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Why You Should Try C-Blogging?

In November of 2018, Micky-The-Slanted-Salerno introduced C-Blogging in his blog post:  Introducing "The bitLanders C-blogging", Conversational AI blogging by Querlo powered by IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure.

He announced.

The future of blogging - The bitLanders C-blogging

bitLanders, the worldwide blogging platform, introduces the future of blogging "The bitLanders C-blogging", Conversational AI blogging by Querlo powered by IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure with the purpose to provide bloggers the possibility to communicate and establish a conversational relationship with their readers.

Thanks to the world's most prompt technology - Artificial Intelligence, powered by Querlo's conversational AI technology.

Querlo integrates the DeepQA Artificial Intelligence functionality of IBM Watson and Microsoft – a collaboration which sets Querlo apart from other solutions in the market.

As far as I know, Querlo Chat has always been part of bitLanders. But in my first year in bitLanders, I only incorporate a Querlo Chat to my blogs when needed.  However, when Micky announced the call to participate in C-blogging and earn a double and triple bonus, (read: Participate in "The bitLanders C-blogging" and earn Double and Triple Bonus rewards!  I did not hesitate to join.

At the time of writing, I have submitted three C-Blogs for the Triple Bonus topic,  two has been rated three stars so far.


And this is my first C-Blog for the Double Bonus topic (which is any topic).

Why you should try c-blogging?

Here are four reasons why you should try c-blogging.

  • It's easy to learn and create
  • Making a C-Blog is fun
  • Your blog is Interactive
  • More Buzz!

 Let's talk about these reasons and more on this Querlo Chat.


A little bit of warning though. This is the longest c-blog that I have made yet so far.




Image Credit: @artbytes via Querlo.com

I hope you had fun chatting with my c-blog today and I hope to interact with your c-blog soon and earn more Buzz Bonus.


Thanks for chatting.

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