Wi-Fi and GPS with a Nikon D-5300 - from the camera images can be shared

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Wi-Fi and GPS with a Nikon D-5300 - from the camera images can be shared.

Camera manufacturer Nikon's first Wi-Fi and GPS technology with the convenience of diesaelaarera D 5300 Announced camera models on the market. D 5200 models priced at U.S. $ 800 will update the version of the camera.

Nikon quoted Technology senate website, the new version of Nikon D-5300 camera by adding Wi-Fi technology allows photographers to share photos easily. Camera smartphone, tablet stock photos can be uploaded to the web and social networking, as well as directly from the camera can be done by mail. In addition, using Wi-Fi will be possible to remove the picture from the camera.

D. 5300 models for the first time by the camera is a Nikon DSLR series GPS technology which will help in the tag chip photographers. 1920-by-1080 pixels camera along to take pictures and special effects to make HD-quality videos yabekyameraya contains 5 frames per second picture will be taken.

3.-inch sized LCD monitor stands 16.9 ounce camera. The ISO range of 800 to 1 to 10. ISO 5200 was on the previous model D di5300 six thousand 400. lensabade camera lenses, but will cost the price of 800 U.S. dollars to 400 dollars.

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