Wife is always right

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My friendly group always keeps in mind the two following rules

Rule 1: Wife is always right

Rule 2: if your wife wrong, back to the rule1

My story will prove the correctness of these rules

After few days of heavy rain, today the weather is nice, so after working hours I slowly drive my motorcycle to home. Unfortunate at a corner of the street, a bicycle kid suddenly hit my cycle and both fell down to the road. Lucky, everything is Ok, I lift my motorcycle up and keep on going

Get home, I tell my wife about the accident. And her first question: How about the motor cycle, any damages?  I told her why do not ask my situation. She loudly laugh and said : My dear , you come home and stand there , it means you are alright . As for the motor cycle, if it is wrong we will waste time and money

Huh, I feel upset but I accept that she is right. Yes, my wife is always right 

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