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The real thing is, I just learned about Mary Jane Veloso's story a fews day ago, just the day before she was about to be executed and in my heart, I know being a drug mule is a bad thing. I checked her story about the matter, she remained and had stick to her story, on what happened before she was caught, what she did and what she had observed.

Base on what she had stated and has been stating for the past years, for me she is innocent. She had been used for human trafficking and such. I just hope that the persons who had used her will be caught as soon as possible and that justice will soon prevail.

It is indeed good news that she was spared off the execution to extend her trial. I salute to everyone who had worked hard for this to be realized.

Now that she is spared temporarily, I hope as well that the government will work on investigating the person whom Mary Jane had trusted about going out of the country to work as a DH who had voluntarily surrendered to the police.

For now, I am signing this petition:

Sign the Petition

Here's a letter by Mary Jane to those persons who had been responsible for what she is going through. I still believe that justice will prevail. God bless Mary Jane!

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