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Can't even window shop and browse any more! I had been to a local furniture store that has beautiful furniture and displays at a very good reasonable price. I plan that when I move to a new home on returning there and purchasing items for my home to be comfortable and that is beautiful to look at and inviting to my guest. The staff was always very polite, even when they were just standing outside on their breaks.

The store has free ice cream, candy, cookies and drinks at a small cafe with a video screen showing family type movies, which is very nice!

My elderly mother and uncle seen the commercials on television. And wondered if the furniture was really as nice as they look on tv. I informed them that the merchandise was great and priced well. Like myself they wanted to look at the furniture so that they could also start their furniture plan from when they move.


Therefore yesterday we went to the store and being that I have a hurt foot as well as other medical ailments I came into the store limping and the salesperson imediatley offered to get me a wheelchair. I explained to the kind woman that we were not there to purchase that day, but to look around and plan. She said,"That's fine, take your time and be sure to help yourselves to the refreshments in the cafe area."

We proceeded looking, comparing prices and the features of different furniture, as well as our likes. As she suggested we stopped and ate ice cream then continued browsing, planning and so on thru the other half of the store. I saw an item on a advertising video screen that they had there and I asked the sales person if they had that item there. She told me no and that she could not help anyone else until we left..... company policy!

Therefore we felt rushed and unwelcome because we were not going to spend money that day! We left! Today, I went on Facebook, found their page and told them how I felt. They replied that they were going to talk to who they need to talk to within the company to clear this policy up.

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