Winter Break, Thailand, Collectivism & Social Entrepreneurship

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Hey Everyone! Sorry I have been gone so long, it has been a very eventful month; both informational and enlightening. I spent a couple weeks in the country formally known as Siam, Thailand. I experienced everything I possibly could from the best local cuisines to historic temples, Bangkok, and the beaches; along with many other exciting experiences along the way. Along with all of the exciting sightseeing I did, I got a chance to observe business in Thailand and the opportunities the emerging market has to offer. 

Thailand is thriving with business, and the culture of business is completely different than here in the U.S. Referring to Hofstede's cultural dimensions the U.S. is a very individualistic society and the best example of this is at restaurants. When you dine out, you sit usually in a table private from other tables in the same restaurant. Now in Thailand, the restaurants are all very open and like the culture there they have a more "collectivistic" feeling. This feeling really showed me that cultural aspects in a society define the type of business that is opportune in different settings. This of course ultimately made me realize the project Francesco Rulli is working on.

I think the reasons Social Entrepreneurship is such an exciting topic to talk about here in the U.S., is due to the fact that it is a new topic for our society. With projects like Building School in Afghanistan, there is more of a chance of Social Entrepreneurship due to the collectivism built into society. People will work together for community, knowing that their prosperity was gained while helping others. Here in the U.S., we are out for ourselves and our own successes. As times change, it  is safe to say our social tides are changing as well. However, I think this will help change the streams of thought for my upcoming blogs. I would like to hear what other people have to say, and how they view cultural differences such as this.

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