Winters in Kabul

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Although winter started showing it's colors a month ago when heavy rainfall met Kabul leaving us with a week of showers and cold breeze. Many of us based on the weather, judged and concluded the early start of winters this year, however, it wasn't the case particularly at midday time, when none could come out in the sun and stayed in shade. No wonder the weather's been acting strange from the past two years.

According to a recent statement by a prominent survey report, "2013 has been the most hottest year in the last 50 years of the country". 

Winters, however in the last week of November, have arrived. With the temperature reaching almost to -1°c at midnight it seems people of Kabul will witness 'snow' in the last week.

Being a tea lover, I personally enjoy winters. Besides, one of the many reasons is 'Kabul seems beautiful, fresh and clean'. 

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