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Bamyan was one of the historical provinces in Afghanistan, but unfortunately that province  in defriend regime was  face to face with war.

And in Taliban regime those people lost their life and the immigrant in defriend country and Taliban destroyed that two statue of BODO and after the Taliban regime Bamyan was one of peacefully province in Afghanistan but there wasn’t any one attention to this province and Bamyan wants to have peace ,and in the first time Bamyan woman’s start sport in Afghanistan it is only on Bamyan that is a big Achieved for Bamyan people woman’s able to play ski in this province .      

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Sayed Mousa Sabury was born at 14th January 1996 in Bamyan Afghanistan, and aim graduated from high school in 2011 ,in 2011 i went to the India from American councils and in 2012 i start and learning Documentary making at Afghan Voices and flow of Afghan Voices program i…

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