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After the fatigue of life, shadow of a mother's love, selfless love of sister and sincerity of wife is not less than that shady tree which protects one from smashing heat of sun. The beauty and charm of this society is due to the women and the training of human being is connected with the veil of women. But because of few elements and a few minds of negative thoughts leaves no stone unturned to spoil this precious pearl. The general impression from their activities is that the existence of women has secondary status in this society and women are useless in this society. Where this thinking and theory has stands innumerable problems for the woman it has also weaken the image of woman in her own mind. This society has always surrounded woman with issues whether it is the era of illiterate ignorant people who buried little girls in graves or the recent era of educated ignorant people who consider the women as unserviceable thing and burden.

Before Islam the biggest problem for the girl or woman was that she was given no right to be alive in the society. With the birth of daughter father felt ashamed and mother considered herself the biggest sinner and without any delay they buried the female infant in graves. After the prophecy of Prophet Hazart Muhammad (S.A.A.W) this shameful act was condemned and it was strictly prohibited and daughter was made Mercy for the parents. This action is not only just concerned with past age, even todays there are some heartless educated people who have the desire of the male children and they abort the girl baby. There is also one category of so called parents who throw this blessing of God in trash heap in order to get rid from her without thinking about her future. I think burying alive girls is better option than throwing them.

Another problem related with woman is its beauty. This will be amazed at and it seems stupid that how beauty can be problem for woman. Beauty is a gift from Almighty Allah but it can cause countless problems, almost every day we read and hear about the rape of pretty and young girls. Due to her beauty the woman is insecure in this society and no one takes notice of this. As we know that harassing anyone is legal offense but in our society no one has made any law which can punish those who harass girls. Due to such people women and girls are also avoid stepping out of the house even for their important work.

Another issue for woman is her education, even in this modern and educated time there are some people who have objection regarding the education of woman. From their point of view a women should be confined to four walls of house. But they forget that it is the right of both man and woman to be educated. Woman can change her condition only when she has given the opportunity of education and  an educated and intelligent mother can create the best society - To prevent women from education is not only a woman’s problem rather it  is the problem of whole generation.

Scientific research has proven that the birth of son or daughter of the Father of the genus depends on of the Father of the genus. Kids are destined with man and wealth with woman but in our society people tend to forget this reality and if woman gives birth to daughter the threats of divorce are given to her. She has to leave her house if she cannot give birth to child and such women are cursed by our system.

Why every time women is pissed of??? If a woman or girl raises her voice for love marriage or demand for her rights, she is sentenced to death. This weakness is in the way of teaching that today man is educated but he has the thinking of animals (illiterate). Woman is not fragile, if she is then why she embraces the death and gives birth to man. Now its woman turn to change her thinking and if she want a prestigious place in society then she has to strike hard and have to face everything and one day will come when women's condition will change.

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