Woman’s rights as a daughter in Islam

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As mentioned above, Islam has not ignored any aspect of woman’s rights by any meaning. She has been given full rights as mother, as a sister, as a wife and as a daughter. She has been given the right to be honored and protected by her family. As her father is the provider for all the members of the family, she is one of those members and has to be provided also. Her father has to provide and prtect her till her marriage. She has to be provided all the necessities of life by her father within his financial capacity. She has to be fed and clothed by him.


Besides all these rights, her education is on her father. She should be trained and educated at the best manner to be a good mother in the family and the society. She should learn how to be a good wife, good sister and good mother in the future. Her education right has as much importance as any other members of the fmaily. There is not any distinction between her and her brothers in an Islamic family and society according to the principles of Islam, the basics of which is “Quran and Sunnah”. At the time of ignorance (before islam), if a girl was born in a family of Arabs tribe, she was to be killed, or the family mourned that day when she was born, because they felt ashamed of her birth. But when Islam began to spread its glory through the world, it immediately and strictly stoped that way of thinking about the girl and forbade Arabs from doing so. It is mentioned in the “Holy Quran” that on the day of judgement, those who have killed their daughters unnecessarily will be asked that for what crime they were killed by their fathers? There will be no satisfactory answer for those innocent little girls, will be a very hard punishment on the day of judgement on which no one can speak without the permisision of Allah Almighty. So for this purpose we can understand that a daughter should get as much love and affection from her parents as her brothers deserves to get.


Unfortunately, this very bad habit of Arabs of ignorant time is still in some countries going on, especially in India. The number of male more than the number of female living in India currently and that is because when the Indian family knows that their child is female they immediately try to kill her. Not only this, but annually, there girls in India who kill themselves because of marriage issues and because their parents can not afford to pay for her wedding equipments (Jahizia).



When she becomes onld enough to get married, that is the time that her future should be planned. Thus it is at the nature of the most of the fathers that they want their daughters to marry a nice and good moralled person. He wishes that her daughter must have a bright and good future and would live a happy life. A Muslim wants his daughter to marry a good Muslim who acts according to all the principles of Islam, but still neither her father nor her mother has the right to give her in marriage against her wishes. She has for this, her own will to choose her partner of life. No one can stand in her way to stop her from doing so. But we should not neglect this point also that she can not marry a non Muslim or choose a non Muslim as her husband. Islam strictly forbids a Muslim girl to choose a non Muslim for her husband. She has never been given such a right or permission. She must not marry also the one who is not her equal in the family. If she does so, her family has legal right to object her. 


Although the messenger of Allah Muhammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah be up on him) forbids fathers to give their daughter in marriage to an immoral and paranours, but as mentioned previously, no father wants his daughters future to be dark and unhappy. Those who give their daughters to these types of people which mentioned are infact the enimies of their daughter and not the real fathers.


She has been given the rights of inheritance in the property left by her father as in other conditions has been given, whether still she is in the house or has already got married, or she still young or going to get married.

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