Woman’s rights as a sister in Islam

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As Islam is a complete code of life, it does not leave any aspect of the situation of the woman uncovered and unnoticed like all other aspects of human beings life. It does not let anything go away from its views and takes everything from easy to complicate. It has been given rights to woman as a mother, a sister and daughter. When a woman becomes widowed, whether because of the death of her husband or because she has been legally separated over some matter which could not be solved by any other way than to be separated from each other, and she had to go before a court and confront her case and that was the only way for their solution. She has then to be looked after by her brother till she is or wants to get married again with some one with whom she wants to get married.


It is the duty of her brother to keep her safe and happy while her father has passed away or even if not died, is so weak that can be counted on as dead, and is not able to provide her necessities along with for other members of the family for whom he is responsible to provide. Her brother should willingly and without any argument take her responsibilities till she is going to remarry. Her remarriage is also according to her own wishes rather than to be against her will or wishes, and nobody can make her to marry with some one whom she dislikes. Even if she does not want to remarry, she is free to stay with her brother under the responsibility of him. No one can give her in marriage without her permission. To marry or not, that is her own will whether to do or not.


Upon all these and most important is that she has gotten the inheritance rights from the property left by her brother also. When her brother dies, she will get her shares from the property left by her brother. It is proved by the Holy Quran.


“(……And if there is a man (dead) who has neither a son nor father left by him and his other relatives heirs him, or a woman without a son and father and have left a brother and a sister, then to every one of them is one sixth from the property left by their brother, then if they are more than two, then all of them share in one 3rd of the property left by the death person after the payment of his debts or according to his last will (Wasiya) not aiming the harm to any of the heirers of the death person, and that is the advice of Allah Almighty to you, and Allah is Allknowing most for-fearers)”.



One can very obviously judge that how great Islam is and how much importances give it to the woman. Can any other religion or law of the world be compared with Islam over this matter? Never and as now that the world thinks itself the most developed in the the history of humanity in all aspects of life. No any other religion of the world cares so much about woman as much as Islam does it deeply. This is only and the only Islam which goes so much deeply inot the problem of humanity and tries to find out a good way to solve it. There is not any problem about the woman remained and which has not been discussed and left over by perfact religion of the world, and universal relgion and the true one.

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