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As we known that the politics is not an easy job it is very expansive game mainly associated with males but in recant history game has been changed many of women lead the countries better than their counter part politicians.We had many examples of women politicians who served their country on sitting highly democratic posts like prime minister and president .as we are discussing politics every one known corruption and politics has great and deep relations a research shows female politicians are more honest than male ones female politicians has lower percentage of corruption.                                                                                                                                                         A great example of Bangladesh whole politics is Revolving around two women present prime Minister sheikh Hasina wajed and his Opponent Khaleda Zia there is great of women politicians like Margaret thatcher , Sirimavo Bandranaike ,Benazir buttho, as I mention earlier both  women politician all of them are the symbol of bravery and courage .this shows that women can achieve the greatest post of his country . by destroying all the hurdles and speed breakers but their is great saying of a great politician of India there is no heart in the chest of politics.                   

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