Women and social activities, weekly report of Baqnazargah High School

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These are activities In last week: Students spent their time mostly in Internet Programs, learned about socialmedias (Twitter and Film Annex) and 12th class had a test how sodium in explodes in air.

Family is the first humanity society which includes father, mother and children. In society women and men are equal and without anyone of them the society is not complete.

Woman and man are like birds and one of them cannot fly without the other one. So a society needs men and women together.

Man and woman are society creating factors and Islam emphasis each other to have love and be kind to each other. And women are half of society and they are equal with men.

The globe improvement is by women and there is a woman hand behind a successful man. Woman is like an angel, woman is mother who grow up the society`s children.

So the position of woman is in the heaven and heaven is under mother`s feet. Woman is the wealth of house.respect woman because there is no man without woman.


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Film Annex's production crew in Afghanistan documents an ordinary day at Baghnazargah School, which is 5 kilometers away from Herat. The school was established in 1989. In this video, we get a glimpse into the lives of female students, what they do in classrooms, how they play and exercise outdoors,…

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