Women and Social Media

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About ten years ago, all social rights were taken from the girls and women in Afghanistan. They were not let attend schools, and to attend any other social gatherings.

Samira is a girl who is full of bad memories from the Taliban era. She only studied sixth grade at Atefi High School. She said that, “On that time I was about 13 years old. I was walking towards school with my classmates. Suddenly, we faced to five-six Taliban religious police men. One of them told me that you are now older than your friends; you should not attend school anymore.”

She added, “That was the last day I went to school.”

Today’s Girls

After the fall of the Taliban regime, it looks as if the door of a cage is opened. Today girls can attend schools, social gatherings, and even sports clubs.

Also, today, girls can be seen on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Film Annex, and Google plus.

Fatima is one of those girls who enjoy Facebook account. She says that, “I have got more than one hundred friends on Facebook that half of them are not living in Afghanistan, they are abroad.

Afghanistan’s situation gets better and better than before. The number of girls increase in schools as well as their number increase in social activities, too.  

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