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Women are the delicate creature in the world; they consider the most humble, soft hearted, caring understanding, kind and most of all strongest creature. Women play a very vital role in the economy of any country. Every successful man has women’s hand after him. Our more than 70% population is covered by women. Now a day’s women are working with man side by side .You can see women in every profession and consider more successful as compare to man.

Man considers women are the most foolish creature and they easily can be make fool. The way of thinking and opinion is wrong because they are the most blameness creature made by Allah Almighty and they are the blessing in disguise of Allah Almighty. Women have unique characteristics and distinctiveness features; they can easily hide their pain, tears with a simple smile on their faces. They are the one who cop all their obstacle, matter and problem very charmfully. You can’t easily understand her, if you try to do you either go mad or you will start loving her. They are most caring and always want to make other people happy.

Girls are considered deep river of secret; you can easily share with them what you want to do. They are the sweet petal of flowers. Allah makes them unique in every phase of life they always sacrifices, when she is a daughter she always want to make her parents happy make them proud of her, when she’s a wife she always want to make her husband happy, when she turn into mother she always listen her children and give comfort to them and always want to fulfill their each and every desires. Women are the most beautiful creature made by Allah Almighty.

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