Women Drivers in Afghanistan

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"Women can drive in Afghanistan"]women drivers in AfghanistanWomen in Afghanistan are slowly being given the rights that most Americans take for granted every day. In this video you learn how few women in an entire city have learned how to drive. It has been the situation for many years that women have been treated like second class citizens, in Afghanistan, because clearly it is easier to control more people by keeping them in the dark, intellectually with a lack of education and denying women from even enjoying the simple act of free movement. Women clearly want the privilege of driving even though it goes against thousands of years of tradition. One woman in the video was denied the opportunity to attend the heavily male loaded driving schools, she went on a hunger strike until her husband relented and allowed her to learn to drive. Another one of the women in the video talked about how long they had to spend traveling on the buses before she got the opportunity to drive to work, saving her hours and hours. car with woman driver in AfghanistanIn Harat, they have established a women's only driving school to give women more of an opportunity to learn how to drive. This is significant in a city that has only 80 registered drivers. As they put it, most of the time they are dependent on men to do most things, but at least those who go through the driving school are a little more free than most other women in Afghanistan. Here's hoping that this new generation of women drivers will set an example for the next generation of women, that they can drive for themselves and have a little independence.


This is one small step towards treating women more as equals and less as property.

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