Women Empowerment and Building Internet Classroom in Afghanistan with TIME Influential Pioneers - Roya Mahboob

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Today is a great day for Afghanistan and especially for Afghan women. TIME magazine published its list of The 100 Most Influential People in the World.

You can find Roya Mahbob in the list. I have known her for several years, we were studying together at the Computer Science faculty in Herat University. She was an active girl with a creative mind. When she was thinking about something, she would start to really make it practical. It did not matter to her how long it would take or how many challenges she would face during the work. I always admired her restless effort, especially for Afghan girls and women in education.

She was not only a great classmate for me during our studies, but a wonderful partner in the business world. We have started the Afghan Citadel Software Company in 2010, the first software company run by women in Afghanistan.

Right now, Roya Mahboob with her New York based partner Film Annex are building Internet classrooms in Afghanistan to open a new way of education and learning procedures at schools in Afghanistan, by using social media to connect 40 schools in Herat, and 160,000 Afghan children to as many or more schools in Europe and the USA.

By launching the Afghan Development Project Initiative, Roya Mahboob and Film Annex are going to extend the project from Afghanistan to Central and South Asia by implementing the online educational software "Examer" and providing a social and digital media curriculum for students. This is a great way to implement a new educational system in developing countries and let the students enjoy being online and share what they are thinking with people around the world.

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