Women Excelling in a Male Dominated Market: Afghanistan

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Just got done reading an exciting article, from the Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty website. It talks about Roya Mahboob and explains all the things I have been trying to say about the amazing individual, and more!! 

It really explains the societal tide I keep mentioning, and how they are still on the beginning of a cusp of an innovative change in business practices. I often imagine the difficulties I will face one day when I finally start my own business, and then after reading this article and to think what Ms. Mahboob deals with on an almost daily basis! She does not only have to worry about things such as finances, hardware issues, operational issues, but societal issues as well. It would discourage my motivation after a while, and maybe even make me question going into the market to begin with. However, she still does business day-to-day and she does business well! Hence why I attributed her as a Social Entrepreneur several blogs ago. But do not take my word for it, look at the quotes directly from Ms. Mahboob:

"My message to Afghan women is that they should be ready to change their lives. They [can't] stay at home and say, 'We are just women and we have to stay at home and we accept it,'" Mahboob says.
"We have to understand that we have rights. We can bring a lot of changes to society and can bring peace and prosperity to the economy of Afghanistan."(Bezhan, 2012)

The drive that she contains, is what makes the projects in Central and South Asia so meaningful and interesting. The motivation to go against society, and to do what one thinks is right; has been the basis for many amazing events globally throughout history. I can't wait to see this be another amazing story to tell, and better yet we are living it! I can't wait to see her company (Citadel) to grow, and the business relationships it fosters along the way.

Anyway, I just wanted (needed) to share this information with you, I recommend checking the article out if you get a chance. Now it is back to studying for finals for me, this way I can have my MBA soon enough and start working with successful individuals such as Ms. Mahboob.

(Potter, 2012)

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