Women live longer than men - how you can live longer

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What is the secret behind women living longer life than men? It is their lifestyle. Yes women's lifestyle and habits, make them live longer and here is a detailed explanation.

Social Life and Lifestyle
Two things, Social life and the lifestyle. These the two things that almost all the women in the world share. Those are the keys to live longer. And here is how:

Social life and life style habits the keys to healthier life:

Women like to talk. Talking about an issue is half way to solve it. Also when you share a story or a problem with friends or even strangers; you get answers, these answers may enlighten you to the solution. The better social connection is the key.

Women are more emotional. that makes them able to handle depressing events or anxiety better than men. In general they are calmer than men

Women drive within the speed limits. on the other hand, men in general are rash drivers

Women find beauty in small things and are happy with their work achievement no matter what.

Women take care of their health. They have frequent checkup and when they feel bad or low, they go to the doctor. Unlike men who delays the doctor visit as much as they can.

Since men drink alcohol more than women, traffic accidents are higher among men than women. Also heavy drinking leads to liver cirrhosis and cardiovascular disease.

Men accept high risk jobs more than women.

Women stick to the safety rules whether at home, at work or on the street. Men do not bother even to read safety rules in any place they go to.

Crime rate among men is much higher.

Aggressive sports attracts men more than women. Most of the high risk sports such as wrestling, racing, and other extreme sports are practiced by men.

Women embrace life changes and seek it at times, while men suffer from it.

Women knows how to relax if faced a bad situation; they are going to share, go to spa, take a powering sleep, travel, pray, eat, cry, write, run outdoors, and do household chores. But men find it hard to calm down and the solution most of the time is either to drink or race.

Not only fewer women than men use cigarettes, but also men are heavier smokers than women. We all know that smoking is a bad habit and leads to many diseases such as Bronchitis, heart disease and cancer.

Generally men sleep less than women. Sleeping is a great tool to refresh and empower your body.

Women go for what they want and do not give hints. If a woman wants something, she will say it, but men like to give hints, and hints prolong any issue.

These are few reasons why women tend to life longer than men.
Learn how to live longer
It is a piece of cake to learn bad habits. But if you like to life longer, then you need to learn to take care of your health and learn new habits. I listed here some habits that can help you to live healthier. Do not expect to be able to lean them in a day or to. Picking up know habits is not easy but sure you can do it.

Let's start:

Reduce drinking: if you can not stop it, you can reduce it.
No more smoking.
Since stress is a part of our lives, learn how to get rid of it and be happy. Some people find that sleeping make them fight stress better, some do sports to get rid of the stress. You need to find your way of vanishing stress
Help others and support them. Doing so will lower your stress and make you feel happy about yourself. Listening to others may not help them only but also it will help you to learn from their mistakes.
And when you are sad, the above mentioned people will return the favor.
Do not stay at home all day. Go out, see life, expose your self to the sun, or just walk few minutes near you house. Sedentary lifestyle can kill your soul before your life. In case you are bed ridden or have an illness that prevents you from going out, do stretching.
Last but not the least think positive, positive attitude creates solutions and reduce stress.
These are some tips that may increase your chances of living a long life.

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