"Women of the Occupation" that simply should not be!

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The state of occupation in the Middle East is one story, while people suffer because they are pawns of insufferable international politics.  Fortunately, besieged peoples often prove resilient enough to not only survive, but in amazing ways. In the West Bank, part of the Palestinian occupied territories, women have risen to the occasion -- literally and figuratively. 

With the support of UN Women and their Sabaya Women's Centers, women of the West Bank have written their own story, overcoming male resistance to working wives to run canteens in schools that feed 70,000 school children. Mazel tov!

This development has been a boon on several levels:

1) Helping to fight obesity and practically eradicate anemia amongst school children, the latter having direct effect on a child's ability to learn.
2) Helping to lower the unemployment rate amongst Palestinians, especially women.
3) Helping boost the morale and status of women.

Makes one want to visit the West Bank just to cheer them on -- or at least reconsider that frozen dinner you just popped into the microwave...

No need for me to say more. Please see for yourself how Istifkar not only broke into the business, but succeeded enough to both win her husband's support/respect. And to fund a small store he now runs while she continues to prepare delicious meals for about 400 schoolgirls who had been paying more for their lunch.  He's no dummy either.

This brief video "Women of the Occupation" comes from UN Television, via DiplomaticallyIncorrect.org: 

Watch more on bitLanders

Hail to the brave, industrious women of the West Bank, but when will Palestine become an independent state like Israel?  What's good for the goose should be good for the gander -- put that in your pot and cook it!!

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