Women’s Annex in Afghanistan is to Provide Sustainable Education and Digital Literacy through Social Media

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Women’s Annex and Film Annex have started their activities in Afghanistan since one year and half, which they have worked on building of internet class rooms at schools in Herat, Afghanistan. This foundation has built ten internet class rooms at Herat in ten different schools, and their goal is to connect students to the World Wide Web.


They were successful in connecting of 40,000 students and from that 5,000 are working on the Educational Software. They are wishing to extend their activities in all over Afghanistan as well as South Asian Countries. And they provide the Sustainable Education and Digital Literacy through the Social Media  to them.

As Women’s Annex have two different offices in two different provinces in AfghanistanKabul and Herat” and working to make Sustainable Education and Digital Literacy for the Afghan people specially Afghan women, to empower them as well as to encourage them in different ways of education


Roya Mahboob the Founder of Women’s Annex foundation in Afghanistan is a very active girl and has made too many efforts for the improvements of Afghan women in Digital Literacy and Sustainable Education through Social Media. Till now she was successful in her works in Afghanistan which already she could build ten internet class rooms in Herat province for girls in their schools, and wishing to start in Kabul and other provinces as well. Due to this plan she opened another office in Kabul to make sure that students in Kabul are getting connect to the World Wide Web.

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