#Women's Annex try to improve #Fashion in #Afghanistan

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Searching in Internet for different kinds of clothes with different colors, many pictures of famous models and artists which wear different style of clothes. Many creative designers for designing clothes, physiologist for coloring the clothes, many business market for fashion and style. Fashion is a kind of popular style in different items like footwear, clothing, accessories, makeup, furniture, body shape, body piercing and etc….

When you walk on street, you can see different new generation of Afghans who attention to their clothing. Looking handsome and beautiful are important for new Afghan generation. They are many professional designers for showing the tradition Afghan style. In Afghanistan some women still wearing Burqa (covered face to toe) and all we know that Women Violence are still common in Afghanistan. Women’s Annex try to empower women by breaking down barriers and borders in conservative Afghan Society.

Women’s Annex brought me a new look to women. Women's Annex which created by Roya Mahboob for Women's improvements, talents, and activities has a fashion designing clothes project. One of the interesting idea is about mixing the tradition and new design to Afghan markets for Afghan Women. They want to create the new things because the new generation interest to new things. Women's Annex by creating fashion designing cloth project wants to find a good market for women in this major, improvements of talents, and make economic opportunities for Afghan women in global markets.

 Knowing about fashion in Afghanistan as academically isn't improved well yet. There isn't any place for developments and centers to growth of model, fashion designer, and new style trainers. In addition, the reason that fashion can't improve as other countries is families don't pay attention and permit their child’s to academic fashions or models. They don't attention and don't accept that fashion is a part of life which can be an important major. Fashion can make new generation more creative and ingenious.

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