@WomensAnnex Fundraising Event on August 4 at the NYC Bitcoin Center - Elevating Women's Digital Literacy with Digital Currency

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Hi my Film Annex and Women's Annex fellows,

It has been quiet lately and I haven't updated you about our activities. However, I am going to share many good news with you :)

On August 4, the Women's Annex crew is going to present at the NYC Bitcoin Center their activities and achievements they have done so far with their computer media labs and users in Afghanistan.

Since we have started our activities in Afghanistan, we were able to make the following happen:

  • we connected around 55,000 girls through our network to access computers and Internet facilities and build their own way through Digital Literacy.
  • we built 11 Computer Media Labs and 2 Media centers in Herat and Kabul, Afghanistan, to improve women's education and online community building.

The most amazing thing that happened to us is our payment system going from paying our content providers in Dollars to the Digital Currency Bitcoin. This is not only a currency or technology, but also an educational tool which really helps females in developing nations control their financial situation as well as build their own business around this currency. As a matter of fact, this currency is borderless which empowers people to send and receive money within seconds with almost no transaction fee.

Fereshteh Forough at the Inside Bitcoin Conference with #WomenInBitcoin.

Many individuals and organizations have supported our cause, which we are thankful for. Among those inspiring people is Dr. Richards Afonja who is the founder and CEO of American Hospitals and Resorts (Nig) Ltd. and the founder of the Greater Tomorrow Foundation (GTF) with the mission to support children in Africa using Digital Currency (Bitcoin).

He will also join our fundraising event on August 4 at the NYC Bitcoin Center. We are happy to meet and have inspiring people around us who spread our message and mission to improve women's digital literacy around the world. 


  • 55,000+ students now have internet access and are on a path to "Digital Literacy"
  • Built 11 Computer Media Labs at 11 schools in Herat and Kabul - Afghanistan
  • Built two stand alone Media Labs in Herat and Kabul - Afghanistan
  • Sponsored Esteqlal Women's Football Team Kabul, Afghanistan.
- See more at: www.womensannexfoundation.org/mission/#sthash.WBa3qKri.dpuf

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After graduating in Literature from high school in Iran, where she was a refugee, Fereshteh returned to Afghanistan in 2002. She started teaching English to girls at the Afghan Youth Association and later attended the Computer Science Faculty in Herat where she got her Bachelors degree. After…

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