Wonders of Science

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Man and science are now old partners. They have shared pain and pleasure. Science sometimes seems a sweat companion and sometime a dragon. Man has benefitted a lot from the use of science in every walk of life. Man has also faced curses of science. In short It can be said that science and man are inseparable.

Science has made the world a wonderland. Modern man owes almost everything to the wonders of scientific inventions and discoveries. Science has showered uncountable blessings on man.

Science has turned a signalling supper animals into a mechanized man. The means of communication and transportation have brought ease and comfort to human life. The developments in field of communication and transportation have in enable man to completely conquer time and space. This world has become a global village.

Science has proved that it is helpful to eat many kinds of foods. Our eating habits change because of science. we enjoy variety of fruits. preservation methods have also been improved to a great extent. Now there is a lot of difference between past and present. Man knows that how to grow preserve and enjoy food.

The greatest achievement of science is our firm attitude. It has rescued us from superstitions. We have more knowledge and as a result of this we areless Fearful. We have overcome baseless fears.


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