Wonders of science

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Science means as organized and objective study of things, based upon the evidence of  practical experimentation. During the last two centuries, science has done a great service to man kind. It has captured the natural forces and has put them to proper use. It has controlled earth, air and water. The discovery and use of steam, radium , electricity and atom has brought countless revolutions in all the spheres of human activity. With the help of science man has worked wonders in the field of agriculture and industry, engineering and medicine, communication and transportation, education and domestic services. Science has created countless facilities and comforts in human life.

In domestic field, science serves as a handmaid. It cools and heat our rooms, lights our houses, preserves and cooks our food, runs our house machines and even clean our wash rooms and bath rooms and floors. All these has been possible by scientific inventions like cookers and washing machines etc.

In the field of communication and transportation , It has reduced the long distances and has change the whole world into a family.  Television, trains, Aeroplanes and other means are its creation. The travels , which were covered in years , are now being covered in hours. On a radio, telephone or television , we can clearly hear the voice of a person who is sitting thousands of miles away.

In the field of agriculture, it has increased the production manifold. It is due to the modern means of science like tractors, tube-well , fertilizers , pesticides and insecticides. Barren and bare areas have been brought under cultivation by building big dames on unruly rivers.

In medical field, it has performed many miracles. Many fatal diseases have been cured by sciences. Due to the great progress in surgery many defective limbs can be replaced.

The transplant of heart, lungs and kidneys has become a daily affair. The invention of x-ray plant, injection and other medicines have uprooted many diseases.

With the help of rockets, satellites and missiles, man has conquered space. Man has already conquered the moon and is flying fast towards the mars. Printing press technology has revolutionized the fields of education and information. Cinemas has widened our scope of recess . Telescopes and microscopes have opened new world for us. In short science has worked as a friend , as a helper and as a guide to man.

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