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Every day we are faced with choices, and every choice has an imminent result or consequence. Although we do not possess the ability to predict our future, we are able to immediately and directly impact what occurs in our future. For example, if I am thirsty and have a glass of water in front of me, I think about picking up the glass before I physically reach out and grasp the glass with my hand - therefore, I have predicted my own future in a way! Human beings have the ability to think of the world as past, present and future, and this trait has enabled the human species to evolve unlike any other living organisms. This ability is fantastic when utilized properly, giving us the ability to plan ahead and use past memories as learning experiences to help better our future. Unfortunately, many people lose track of thought with past memories - "being stuck in the past" - or in daydreaming about possible futures, and are unable to be present in certain situations - "living in the moment". 

In a world full of technology and people who demand entertainment, there are numerous distractions and obstacles we must face on a daily basis in order to achieve our goals and dreams. There are millions of people who live their entire lives with dreams that they never genuinely pursue, due to distractions and an inner feeling that it may not be possible, or may be too difficult. The first step in achieving success and happiness is by believing in yourself! When you believe in yourself, not only are you extraordinarily more likely to achieve your goals, but your confidence will radiate to others, leading them to also believe in you. 

Inspiration and motivation are two key ingredients in achieving success, and are extremely intensified when combined with passion. When you are passionate about what you are doing, you are engaged in the activity - no longer focused on time or other thoughts that may lead to stress or lack of focus. Do what makes you happy and you will be much more likely to succeed. For example, you are working at a job that you dislike, but this job has a higher salary then another job that you would enjoy - you may want to take the pay cut and do what you would enjoy! This will lead to less stress, which will inevitably prolong your life and happiness, and also give you the drive to work your way up in the job that you are engaged in and genuinely enjoy doing!

See the following quote by Morgan Freeman as he explains how he would act even if he weren't getting paid well.


True happiness isn't obtained through money or success. True happiness is only obtained from within. Personally, I feel that being alive is true happiness. Every moment, breath, heartbeat, sound, thought or feeling is combined to make a perfectly harmonious world of wonder and beauty. Money, time and success are all distractions that lead away from happiness. These things can bring temporary pleasure or joy, but happiness is eternal and is not materialistic. Inspire yourself and inspire others - it will begin to guide you towards a life of endless opportunities and success; Love yourself and love others - it is our inborn mission and the meaning of life itself.

Thank you for reading! I really felt the need to express myself to others who may seek help or inspiration. I would like everyone to know that if you are lost, it is only because you are soon to be found! You are here for a purpose, so find your passion and pursue your dreams, enjoy your life and live truly happy. If you have a moment, please take a moment to subscribe to Greater-Tomorrow on Film Annex - it's an incredible new foundation founded by Dr. Richards Afonja that focuses on empowering individuals in Nigeria, Africa with digital literacy. Thank you all.

Written by Steven Carpenter


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