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Working here I frequently discover individuals searching for a fish that is simply somewhat unique in relation to everything else. Despite the fact that they may not be the most intriguing fish out there, the Bucktooth Tetra (Exodon paradoxus) will bring some life to a tank, and in addition some color and demeanor like no other fish I have seen in my time here. Be that as it may these aren't your normal group fish.

From the beginning, you can see that these Amazon locals are very alluring. They have rather stretch bodies, loaning to their velocity and spryness. They are tan with a lovely, green-gold gleam along the mid-line, two generally characterized, rich, dark spots, and orange-red stresses in the blades. It is said that the fish gets its name from its prodruding teeth, however these teeth are not generally unmistakable. These are solid, hearty fish that can live for a long time in home aquariums.

These are not amicable tetras for your group. These act in a significantly more forceful estate, which is one reason they are ideal for an animal types just tank. They tend to assault endeavored tankmates, regardless of the possibility that the tankmate is bigger, consuming scales and eyes if not more. The Bucktooth Tetra is in fact omnivorous, however it enjoys its meat as can be determined from its not all that amicable nature, and nourishments like stop dried and solidified things will suit them well in the aquarium. They appear to consume pretty much anything while they're here, from chips to mysis shrimp, even full measured shrimp that they eat up like a pack of piranhas. Live plants will likewise get to be nourishment things, however these fish additionally revel in the spread gave by plants.

Java Fernthere are a few focuses to consider on the off chance that you need to attempt Bucktooth Tetras. They ought to be kept in a gathering of no short of what six, yet improve if there are eight or more. They are an educating fish so they feel wellbeing in numbers, however they may indicate hostility towards one another if kept in a gathering that is excessively little. When you choose to buy them, attempt to get every one of them around the same size and preferably the same time. Bigger or more develop examples may see littler fish as prey, and made gatherings may see new augmentations as interlopers. Because of their max size, dynamic nature, and requirement for being kept in gatherings, you'll require an aquarium of satisfactory size. A tank of 40 gallons or increasingly will be fundamental, actually for an insignificant gathering.

Bucktooth Tetras like a planted aquarium, with driftwood and other ornamentation for spread. They will likewise consume some live plants. Being Amazon fish they lean toward milder water with ph of 5.5-7.5 however they are very versatile and solid. In the right aquarium, an educating gathering of these fish can be staggering.

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