Working with bitlanders as a newbie (Part-3) A complete Guide

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Hi Guys! This is the Third and last Part of “Working with Bitlanders as a newbie”. We already discussed some initial steps and confusions faced by every newbie here, so if you missed those parts just read them here:

Working with bitlanders as a newbie (Part-1)

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As this is the final part and I will gonna share this blog to other sites too, so I will try to be more specific and professional. It is a complete guide for newbies to tell them how they use this site and follow the steps for quick earning.  We start with first Question from strangers those don`t know about bitlanders. Yes, many of my other social contacts asked me that WHAT IS BITLANDERS? Because most of them don’t know about it.


In simple words, Bitlanders is a social web site just like Facebook and others, but it will also pay you for your activities. It is a fun part, you are already using other social plate forms but they are not giving you any penny for your time, they are getting all profit for themselves but Bitlanders came with the idea with revenue sharing.


bitLanders is a digital platform whose entire user base earns bitcoin for their content and social activity. The goal of bitLanders is to promote worldwide access to the genius of Blockchain technology in a fun, unique, and safe environment.

bitLanders users build and engage content (videos, blogs, photos, advertisements). The quality of this content, as well as interactions and internal/external sharing are constantly monitored by our patent pending measurement and reward algorithm, the BUZZ SCORE.

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(Remember , bitlanders was paying before in bitcoins but now user will be rewarded in dollars.)


Earning at bitlanders are totally depends on your BUZZ score, and your BUZZ score depends on your Activities. Simply getting higher BUZZ score will give you chance to earn more. So just be active, be social, visit posts, buzz and comments those posts and make your own attractive posts, share them at facebook, twitter, google+ and spread other forums, and get reward.


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For a better understanding about BUZZ score read this:

The base Buzz Score consists of your rated content score, Influence score, subscribers score and sharing score.

 1.    Rated content score: Click the following link for tips to submit high quality content "Content Review" feature - What is it and how do I use it to increase my Buzz Score?". Currently, Blog Posts, movies and galleries may be submitted for review. Only rated blogs count into base Buzz Score.

2.    Influence score: Buzz received on your rated contents. Only the buzz given and received on content (blogs, videos, galleries) that has been rated 2 stars or higher will count in the BuzzScore.

3.    Subscribers score: How many users subscribed to your account.

4.    Sharing score: Sharing contents on social media sites by clicking on the social media sharing buttons.

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Remember BUZZ score consist of two parts, Base Buzz and Buzz Bonus. Here are many ways to Earn more BUZZ score, so don`t worry about it in initial days, just follow the rules and steps you will be rewarded soon. Just be active, post your content (blogs, photo, videos and micro-blogs). You may also earn more from Referral program, just Invite your friends and other social contacts at bitlanders with your referral link and get 20% of their earnings for life. It is great.


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Some of Bitlandrs have daily earnings about $6-$9, and remember the minimum cash out is $10 through payza and paypal. So just imagine if you will reach that rank, you may easily got daily earnings equal to minimum cashout. You may withdraw your reward in $10, $25, $50 and $100 through payza and paypal account.


(Pic captured by printscreen option from original website)

This is not enough; here are many ways to earn. I will discuss them in my next blog.

Have a look at Bitlanders top earners:

how_bitlanders_work(Pic captured by printscreen option from original website)

How to start work after Joining?

Most of the newbies really don`t know how to start work at here, they are confused because it is a social site but don`t have user interface just like Facebook etc. you can`t add people here as friend but you may subscribe them and they will follow you. As we already discussed that your earnings depends on your BUZZ score, so try to get more buzz. At home page you will find “Quests box” and “Daily Quests” at left side of screen. “Quests box” task will give you some GEMS, and “Daily Quests” tasks will give you BUZZ. Remember you will get Quests box Gems only once, but Daily Quests task will give you BUZZ daily after completing those given tasks. GEMS are very precious here, so don`t waste your GEMS in initial days, they will be required for your content review. You may also purchase those GEMS from BitGoodies.


In the “Quests Box” menu you will find “Write your first Micro-blog”. Micro blogs just like your FB status; you may type any text or message into text box up to 160 words, attach a picture with it or also just post a picture or emoticon as Micro-blog. You may also find “Upload your first movie”. Is this section you may upload any video into your bitlanders account. In “Add your first Photo Gallery” you will make your photo albums, and in “Writer your first Blog” section you may add your own Blog content.

Most important thing I wanna add here for newbies, that write blog in your own words, don`t copy paste from other sites. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited here. Most of the newbies just be suspended and bitlanders team terminate their account in initial days just because of plagiary content.

Everyone must read this FAQ section before taking any initial steps.

Account suspension & termination

The following activities may lead to the suspension or termination of your Account:

1.    Spamming in micro-blogs and comments, and on the chat with buzz/sub requests.

2.    Posting duplicated content copied from the web, blogs and videos.

3.    Using text scramblers and posting unreadable blogs.

4.    Posting sexually explicit, offensive or racist content.

5.    Cheating, using external software to control, modify or automate the usage of the website. Some of these tools or websites are known as 'Autopilots'.

6.    Providing fake or doctored ID documents for payment requests.

7.    Repeatedly not using English in global chat (you can speak any language you like in private chat)

Publishing a blog post copied from the web (even partially) or with scrambled (nonsense) will result in the immediate termination of your account.
The unrequested balance on your account will be lost after the 3rd suspension.

(Quoted from

OK now you collect all the GEMS from Quests box section, Now come to Daily Quests section. You will find four daily actions they will give you some BUZZ score for daily basis, these buzz will expire next day. These daily tasks are “Read 5 Blogs posts”, “Watch 5 videos”, “Bring a friend on bitlanders” and “Blog every day and get rewarded”.

 TIPS for Quick Earning and initial steps:

As you just joined so you have to subscribe some active members, visit Leader board page for top 30 Daily Earners. You may find leaderboard chart at top right corner with a Trophy icon. Also try Global Chat room for online users (in lower left corner). Visit other`s profile, subscribe them, visit their posts and if you find them interesting just BUZZ and comment on those posts. You will find BUZZ option after the end of every post. (Don`t ask for BUZZ and SUB you back at global chat and in comments, it will consider as spamming.)

As we already discussed that GEMS required for content review so don’t waste them to buy fashion items for avatar in initial days, make your avatar with free items first, when you will start earning here then you will easily purchase those items from your daily earnings. Use your Gems in initial days only for content review. Try to write a professional Blog to get 5 star ranking. Three initial content reviews are free, so If you got 5 star ranking in your first three blogs you will also get 30 GEMS for them also BUZZ for one week. when you join join bitlanders you will get $1 as welcome reward, use that amount for purchasing GEMS for content review. you will buy 10 Gems for $1.8 (easily collect this amount in first week).


(Pic captured by printscreen option from original website)

Sometimes your BUZZ score will decrease, just because of not getting enough base buzz and direct power ups, also because of previous buzz expired, so just check and balance at your BUZZ score, try to write blog daily or twice in a week, so your buzz score will be high or remain same.

Don’t lost Daily login earning, try to login daily because your daily earning will be increase after continuous daily login.

There are many other TIPS for quick earnings, you may also find your own ways after using bitlanders daily.

Remember: Helping each other will give you a chance to earn more. :)

Wish you good luck for your earnings.

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Thank you



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