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At the start of August, I received an email from a wedding production company called The Big Day Productions, enquiring about my services as a professional video editor, after they saw my website online detailing my abilities as a freelance video editor. 

This was the start of something that would define what I now want to do in the future. Mark, the guy who contacted me, found my website and asked if I could quote him on how much I would be willing to edit some wedding videos for his company. I gave him a quote and thus had a meeting with him the following Tuesday. 

He explained to me the process of how he edits, and provided me with a wedding that needed editing, a sort of trial run if you will, to test my abilities and to see if it is what he is after. He uses Final Cut Pro X for his video edits, and luckily, found myself very familiar with Final Cut Pro Xs editing work flow and managed to get him an edit in under a week or so. 

Pleased with the edit, he continued to give me more and more, and thus a working relationship was born. The work he’s provided for me has led me to look into something which I have considered, but not fully invested my time into, which is, work on my own post-production company. Working with clients and producing video edits for them for their clients for themselves entirely. 

This experience of working with Mark has been valuable. Providing important knowledge that is required when working with clients and businesses, which in turn, has given me the desire to continue working with businesses and clients of different industries. I continue to work with Mark to this day, giving me work that helps his business and in turn helps mine develop, as I slowly begin to work on getting my own business up and running, being my first and important client I have received. 

From this, I have received various other job positions, one of which is coming up in January, which is a bit secretive at the moment, as pre-production is still underway, but it is certainly a positive step in the right direction, all thanks to this one unique experience.

Thank you for reading, sorry for the delay on this blog, a lot of things have been going on. Will get back on track now over Christmas.


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