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Nowadays I am taking influence in new trends like gadgets, clothes and vehicle etc. and also this era of trends. Since last month my interest running to electronic gadgets and you know this very well, you can check my recent four blogs which is all about gadgets. I am bringing this topic about some gadgets which has been changed the world with its performance or by showoff. All over world’s scientists are continuously developing new technologies. Because of developing technology, many gadgets are bang the generation like smart phones, smart cars laptop, tablets and smart watch etc. These gadgets are proving itself more helpful to us by performance and feature. Probably I am boring you by this philosophical lecture, so let’s start to find out some interesting gadgets :)

Boogie Board

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We have seen from many years that we waste so much papers for write some rough thing or note something. Not only we waste our papers or money for rough work also we make more garbage and pollution around us. To remove such kind problems, technology bring a cool gadget named Boogie Board. It is not a new invention, but companies have developed new designs. Boogie Board is a digital writing pad. We can hang it anywhere and can write anything. By pressing a button, we can remove written text from it. It can be usable thousand of time. It can reduce our paperwork of office or home. In latest trend, its two new interesting designs are available first is Scribble N Play and second one Jot 4.5. Scribble N Play board offer colored display, it has four big writing/drawing pens in four corners. You can try this gadget to save papers and can give your support to save tree.

Smart halo

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You know very well that using smart phones on two wheels is so dangerous and 70% two wheeler accidents were cause by using smart phone while driving. To concentrate on driving, technology has invented a gadget named Smarthalo, which can convert any bicycle in smart cycle. It can be clamp on handle bar and by its multicolor LED button; we can control every incoming calls and sms notifications. It is also offered navigation system that means you can feel like a luxury car feature on your bicycle. If you are a bicycle rider and also you love your smart phone’s activities so you must try this gadget once at least.


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If you married and want to make your children curious, so you must try Cinemood. Basically Cinemood is a portable projector which is designed especially for children. It can change any surface in to a cinema and you can make any study material interesting for your cute children. It has built in speaker and battery. Its battery can charged in one hour and will play this projector for minimum two hours. It store cartoon’s curated list or AV story book for children. It is cloud connected and wireless that mean if you child play with it then it cannot harm your child.

360 Fly

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In this generation, photography is became everyone’s need; it is like a addiction. In the entire world action camera is too famous for action photography. On Bitlanders a section available for post photo galleries, so I decided to put this gadget in this article for capture action pictures and make own action gallery for your fellows. By the help of 360 FLY cameras you can film you adventure and share it with your friends and fellows on social sites. Especially Gropo shows his interest in this premium market, but it has lack of 360 degree video feature. Panorama video is not a new feature in itself, there are many dual 180 degree lance cameras like Ricoh Theta available which can capture panorama videos. 360 FLY is one and only camera, which can capture 360 degree video with single lance. Also we can use it like standalone camera. We can mount it on helmet, handlebar or vehicle. I liked it one most lovable thing which is its water proof resistibility and it has built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which can be connected to your smart phone. By the app you can see preview of your captured video in smart phone and can edit and share contents. It is light weight gadget; its weight is 138 grams. In this camera, a rechargeable battery available which can be usable till two hours.

360 Fly camera review

Video source: YouTube

3D Rudder


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Nowadays I am listening some discussions about argument reality with virtual reality.3D rudder has a sensitive circular board. It has built in Gyroscope and pressure sensors. It is designed to be used sitting. You have to put your feet on this then it will detect your movement and will travel you in virtual world.



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You had listened about drone cameras but I think you never listen about Onagofly Drone. Drones shouldn’t be complicated and expensive. For example you can check out Onagofly Drone camera once. It is a 140 gram palm-size quad copter which has some unique specifications that is not having another drones. It has infrared calezone avoidness system and all the four the directions have emitter and receiver, which can save drone by bumping on walls, pillars or trees. Its built-in camera can record 1080P HD videos or can capture 15 mega pixel still images. By the remote control app in your phone, you can see live feed via connecting it with Wi-Fi signals.

Onagofly drone official video

Video source: YouTube


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Nowadays there is disappearing landline phones and reducing communication between parents and children. You can dispel this problem by help of American company Incency’s ILY family phone. It is always connected via Ethernet or Wi-Fi with multiple speakers. It has a big color display and wireless handset. It is developed for only AV communication. It offers a free mobile app for make phone call to ILY to connect with our children 24*7. By this you can make voice and video call to your children.

Glance Clock

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If you use smart phones more than needed, then you can take help of Glance Clock. When you at any meeting, the rules will prohibit on mobile phones. But Glance Clock can reduce mobile uses. We can compare it with smart watch, because it sends notification and fitness data. It is hanging on the wall, everyone can see it. It can be connect with smart home devices and web services.

Flap It

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Probably you heard about Split-Flap display. Before the age of LED signage or full color display, it was easily appeared at flipping airport, train stations etc. It is mechanical display and it use rolling sets for showing numbers and words. Flap It is a split-display, which can connect better with small business customers.


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If you love your pet and care them so you can use Petbot. It is awesome gadget for care your pets. Petbot is known as first smart phone for pets. It is designed for those people who love their pets and leave pets alone at home while they went office for work. You can track down your pets via its camera, speaker and mic from office or anywhere.

That's all! I am finishing my knowledge here because you will be get bore by reading lengthy article and I don't want to make bore my fellows and friends. I hope you will enjoy this post till my next blog. Also you can check my another blogs related your need in my blog section. :)

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