Wrestling with the Devil

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It seems as though my body composition is changing, though the scale has been up and down this week.  This morning Ben strongly suggested I try to rest this morning instead of hitting another moderately hard workout.  Yoga tonight will help me relax and refocus for next week.

Though it’s not been consistent, my lowest weight thus far has been 73kg.  I could stop here and wrestle 72kg, but this weight class belongs to a more suited wrestler.  I believe this weight willproduce an Olympic Medalist, so therefore, I must continue to move down looking for a good place to fit in on the women’s wrestling team.  I call dibs on her as a roomie in RioJ 

There have been doubts and insecurities that have crossed my mind this week.  It seemed as though the thoughts in my head weren’t lining up with what was actually happening. 

My best friend Tina says, “that’s just the devil talking.  Don’t listen to him.  He does not tell you the truth and does not want to you win.” 

How do you decipher what is reality and what is ability?  You set goals.  Quantifiable goals can be measured, verified and broken down into baby steps.  That is why I track my nutrition on #fatsecret, work with an athletic trainer and trust my program.  I will not give up.

The devil does not belong here...

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